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Brand work

We know the importance of having a great personality (just look at us!), so we know a brand is just as important as the product or service it represents. 

What it is:

  • brand design
  • brand asset development
  • brand language
  • brand guardianship
  • brand articulation
  • brand research and development
  • brand blueprint development including archetypes, brand
    pillar and tone of voice (check out
    the video below to find out more!)


Basically everything we do is creative. We’re a creative agency doing creative things, creatively, all the time and it’s our goal make it all come to life.

What we do:

  • creative consulting
  • creative strategy
  • campaign planning
  • message / proposition development
  • campaign development
  • campaign implementation


It’s the 21st century and advertising is no longer just print, TV and outdoor. The digital world has opened up so many new mediums and luckily our digital department is all over every one of them.

What they do:

  • social media strategy
  • social media implementation
  • content creation
  • UX / CX
  • customer experience strategy
  • web development

Corporate Communication

Saying what you want to say well is surprisingly hard. That’s where we come in to make sure things sound… good.

What it is:

  • brand/ corporate strategy articulation
  • internal communication strategy
  • internal communication plans
  • brochures, catalogues and newsletters
  • annual reports
  • shareholder communications
  • corporate writing
  • editing and proofreading
  • newsletter and eNews templates
  • CEO communication programs
  • channel plans

In-house Video / Editing

Making things move on screen is way harder than it looks but thankfully, like Dr Frankenstein, our in-house video department can literally make anything come to life.

What they do:

  • animation
  • editing
  • illustration
  • motion graphics
  • video
  • production
  • TVC


In a nutshell, Nicktation is the art of capturing real-time discussion or presentation into digitally hand drawn illustration with text. Or, quite literally turning a thousand words into a picture. Honestly, this introductory paragraph is the most boring thing you’ll see on this page. You’ll have much more fun flicking through our virtual booklet to the right – be sure to click the ‘full screen’ button to get the full experience. Or watch our video below to see how Nicktation can make your next workshop 1000% better.

Strategic Services Consulting

Design and strategy go hand in hand, it isn’t possible to have one without the other. We specialise in art, but we also specialise in the science of how to make it work in the real world.

What it involves:

  • strategic planning
  • strategic marketing plans
  • emerging technologies thought leadership and guidance
  • project management capabilities to support key projects
  • market research


All of our ideas, design, artwork, copy, installations, events, brochures, merchandise (and the list could go on), could never exist without someone making it all happen. Without production, we’d just be a group of people coming up with ideas and doodling all day.

What they do:

  • installations
  • merchandise
  • print management
  • reporting
  • account management
  • budgeting
  • project management
  • planning
  • brochures
  • packaging
  • event management
  • event marketing
  • campaigns
  • interior decoration
  • organising everything (literally)

Stuff you can't put in a box

We have a lot of talents at Nick Did This; so many that it’s hard to put them all into a clear box. Luckily, thinking outside the box is what we do best.

Did you know we do?

  • artwork
  • events
  • interior decoration
  • merchandise
  • models
  • photography
  • sponsorship
  • translating
  • media planning
  • media buying
  • media reporting


Nick Did This is not an advertising agency – well not a traditional one. Follow us for office shenanigans, puppies and food.

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