Trivium logo.

So, it turns out logo design is our Forte

Trivium logo

Some of the most important musicians throughout history have worked in threes, Nirvana, Blink-182, The Dixie Chicks, Destiny’s Child, TLC, The Supremes and perhaps most importantly – Hanson. So when another amazing trio asked us to design their logo, it really struck a chord with us.

What needed to be done

What needed to be done

When we were tasked with the job of creating a logo that personified classical musical trio Ensemble Trivium (see the amazing picture taken by our very own Chris Dixon below) the big question was, how do you capture sound and personality in a logo? I guess we were going to find out.

What we did

What we did

When it came to designing a logo for Ensemble Trivium, we had to incorporate a lot of things – the polite tension between their instruments, the balance between old and new AND the central idea of the trivium being the place where three roads (or musicians) meet. By connecting all three points of the letter ‘V’ and inverting the ‘E’ in the words Trivium and Ensemble, we were able to give a visual representation of the three-way collaboration between the musicians who make up the Trivium. Combine these features with a classic serif font with a modern twist and we had ourselves a little logo that deserved a big round of applause.

Need-to-know best bit

The fact that we were able to launch their new musical endeavours with an engaged and packed crowd at ABC Studios South Bank.

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