The Toowoomba Region.

A journey of self-discovery

The Toowoomba Region

Just like Britney Spears circa 2007, the Toowoomba Region was going through an identity crisis. A few years ago eight different councils came together to become one, and it was our job to help them find a unified voice without resorting to trust exercises.

What needed to be done

What needed to be done

The Toowoomba Region is a lot more than just its biggest city (Toowoomba), it’s a region which is as diverse as it is beautiful. With so many different people, places and histories coming together no one could agree on what the new Toowoomba Region brand should look like. What tied them all together besides geography?

What we did

What we did

We talked. A lot. We talked to 1700 locals from all over the Toowoomba Region to really get to the heart of what the region is all about – a place of ‘Rich traditions, bold ambitions’. From there we created a logo, look and feel, imagery, way-finding material and brand guidelines that matched their new positioning. The new brand identity was able to bring together the common thread running through every part of the region: a celebration of their history and traditions together with the ambitious desire to move forward, grow and develop. For a region that has so much personality it can be hard to give everyone a voice, but often it’s the simplest message which has the greatest impact.

Need-to-know best bit

The rebrand won a silver at the 2016 [GOV] Design Awards! For a region that was lost only a few years ago, they are now firmly on the map and have become an inspiration for regional councils right across the state. Not only has the Toowoomba Region discovered who they are, but have also shown how their bold ambitions are taking them to where they want to be.

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