The Black & Whites (Suncorp).

Just like black and white, we go with everything

The Black & Whites (Suncorp)

We may be a super colourful bunch, but we also know that sometimes it’s important to be able to spell things out in black and white.

The components we delivered

  • copywriting
  • graphic design
  • content creation
  • collateral development
  • strategy
  • concept
What needed to be done?

What needed to be done?

2017 was a big year for Suncorp, undergoing a complete restructure and rebrand over the course of a year. The changes put a renewed focus on customer experiences, and for staff it was both exciting and a little bit overwhelming. It presented an opportunity to get customer service back to the front of everyone’s minds, and make sure they were all on the same page. But how to do it without overcomplicating things?

What we did

What we did

The goal was to go back to basics and create a single rule book that spelled out Suncorp’s customer service rules without any shades of grey. That’s where the Black & Whites came in – a set of rules that every staff member needs to follow. So it was important that they were clear, simple and able to make people proud of providing great customer service again. It’s not brain surgery – it’s Black & White.

Need-to-know best bit

Being trusted by our partners at Suncorp meant that we could give straightforward advice on the best way to communicate something as critical as service standards across its stores – while ensuring an engaging approach. Best of all? We’re helping Suncorp deliver on their vision to lead with consistently brilliant customer experiences.