Sunny Queen.

To make an omelette you’ve gotta break some eggs

Sunny Queen

Working with one of Australia’s biggest egg producers is always what it’s cracked up to be. It’s surprising how much fun it is to sit around coming up with egg puns all day. Actually, it’s probably just as fun as it sounds.

What needed to be done

What needed to be done

When Sunny Queen approached us to help them promote their range of Meal Solutions we knew it wasn’t going to be all about egg puns and jokes, well not entirely anyway. We had to think outside the carton in order to crack targeting both existing and prospective customers across eight separate disciplines. What an egg-citing challenge!

What we did

What we did

Our idea was to make Sunny Queen Meal Solutions seem like the obvious choice for the businesses they were targeting. We did this by taking the common saying ‘Don’t end up with egg on your face’ and using it as a headline for the direct mail campaign. It had it all, an egg related pun, a chef being smashed in the face with an egg, humour and a funny feeling that it wasn’t something to miss out on.

Need-to-know best bit

We really got to highlight our expertise in direct mail, developing targeted messaging variations for nine different customer bases that were both effective and fun. There were a lot of different elements involved – concept, writing, photography, retouching, design, production and targeted distribution – which came together to make it all possible.

Nick Did This…

Photography, copywriting, graphic design, content creation, collateral development, strategy and humour.