Suncorp – Synergy Conference.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Suncorp – Synergy Conference

When Suncorp asked us to help design the logo and collateral for their Synergy conference our two worlds collided and as INXS once said, nothing could ever tear us apart.

What needed to be done

What needed to be done

The 2017 Synergy Conference was the first time that brokers from Suncorp, Apia, Vero, GIO, Asteron Life and MTA Insurance had all come together at a single conference. Rather than just operating as a bank, Suncorp wanted to show that they were developing a marketplace that would give customers access to all these brands in the one place. With so many different brands taking part, it was our job to show that at Synergy they were all one.

What we did

What we did

First, we created a logo for the event and it was important that this highlighted the connection between each brand while still giving a sense of their individuality. So we combined the individual brand colours to create a single logo which represented each company equally. Then, we brought together our many talents to create everything from banners, invitations, name tags and lanyards to the website, PowerPoint presentations and videos. Working together just makes everything a lot easier.

Need-to-know best bit

With five one-day events across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, this is probably the first time ‘family’ gatherings have ever gone smoothly!

Nick Did This…

Concept creation, graphic design, logo, copywriting, brand development, collateral development and production.