Suncorp Look Book.

We are as good as we look

Suncorp Look Book

Just like Fran Fine from the 90s sitcom ‘The Nanny’, we have style and we have flair. So, it made sense that Suncorp would approach us to put together the latest look book for their new uniforms.

The components we delivered

  • design
  • copywriting
  • strategy
  • production
What needed to be done?

What needed to be done?

As Suncorp’s brand was changing, so was their sense of style. After all, it wouldn’t be fair if the brand got a makeover and the staff didn’t. That’s why when Suncorp released their new uniforms, we knew it couldn’t be the typical corporate shoot. It was a range that was both practical and stylish, and comfy and cool, so we needed to design a look book that reflected all these things.

What we did

What we did

Looking good at work is just as important as looking good anywhere else. But as stylish as the uniforms may be – it’s the people inside them who are really behind bringing the brand to life. As such, we wanted to make sure the look book reflected the personality of Suncorp and its people. We did this by running and art directing a photoshoot in Melbourne using real employees to capture the best of the brand and its people. Then, when it came to putting it all together, we made sure that everything from the language we used to the images themselves got to the heart and soul of the Suncorp brand and the employees who embody it.


We got to turn a corporate look book on its head and create something truly unique, featuring real Suncorp employees looking good in the clothes they wear every day. What a sight for sore eyes!