Queensland Museum – Project DIG Video.

This project was Jurassic and fantastic!

Queensland Museum – Project DIG Video

We wanted to create a video that really captured the ground-breaking nature of the project.

The components we delivered

The components we delivered

  • create & source video content
  • video editing
  • script writing
  • design
  • branding
What needed to be done?

What needed to be done?

When BHP discovered an incredible cache of megafauna (ie giant wombats and lizards to most people!) at their South Walker Creek mine, it sparked a historic partnership with Queensland Museum. The partnership resulted in BHP funding the digitisation and sharing of the Museum’s collection and research. It’s a huge project and one that will revolutionise how the Museum collects and shares information with the world. Called Project DIG (Digital Infrastructure Growth), the partnership is the first of its kind in Australia. When NDT was invited into the project we knew the educational video we were tasked to create had to be larger than life.

What we did

What we did

We created a video that captured the scale and ground-breaking nature of Project DIG. The video focused on the importance science and history have on our understanding of the world, who we were and who we might become. It also emphasised how vital it is that we  share information through ventures like Project DIG. We brought the story to life using a wide range of imagery that focused on the breadth of resources housed in the museum, from ancient fossils and dinosaur bones to historic relics.


When complete, Project DIG will have digitised more than 1.2 million objects that can be shared with people around the world. This alliance will make it possible for researchers around the world to make discoveries f global importance. It’s an amazing project to be  part of.