Queensland Museum – Gladiators Heroes of the Colosseum.

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Queensland Museum – Gladiators Heroes of the Colosseum

The Roman gladiators are arguably the greatest heroes of all time. So when the Queensland Museum managed to secure the exclusive Australian rights to the Gladiators: Heroes of the Colosseum travelling exhibition, they wanted a campaign that would do them justice. A chance to fight alongside the gladiators? Of course we leapt into action.

What needed to be done

What needed to be done

Everybody thinks they know all about the Roman Gladiators thanks to Russell Crowe. But when we started thinking about how to promote the Queensland Museum’s exhibition ‘Heroes of the Colosseum’, we knew we had to dig a lot deeper than just giving big facts about gladiators and Ancient Rome.

What we did

What we did

We decided to focus our campaign on the gladiators as individuals, making our approach more personal and human with an emphasis on their everyday lives. Humanising historical figures brings them to life and, well, makes them human. The goal of our campaign was to capture this idea by bringing to life one individual gladiator, we wanted to leave audiences wanting to find out more about his specific story. By taking people behind the scenes, we were able to launch a campaign which brought the real Roman Gladiators to the Queensland Museum.

Need-to-know best bit

We created the TVC set with our bare hands. From constructing the set by hammering planks of wood together to enlisting Nick’s hunky personal trainer to play the starring gladiator, we literally did everything except dig up the ancient artefacts.

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