Queensland Meals on Wheels.

We delivered an effective yet heartwarming solution

Queensland Meals on Wheels

The brand began to share the benefits of QMOW through powerful storytelling.

The components we delivered

The components we delivered

  • strategy
  • branding
  • copywriting
  • creative campaign
  • corporate communications
  • print production
  • media planning, buying, and reporting
What needed to be done?

What needed to be done?

The Queensland Meals on Wheels (QMOW) Board wanted to redefine and contemporise their brand. Making this iconic and much-loved organisation more relevant in today’s world would grow awareness which would, in turn, attract new clients and volunteers.

What we did

What we did

We conducted two workshops, one with leaders from several QMOW service locations, the other with the QMOW Board. These workshops served up some great insights and also confirmed issues we already suspected. The three main take-outs:

  1. The brand looked tired and inconsistent.
  2. Competition in the category is growing.
  3. There is a lack of storytelling, despite the fact volunteers are part of amazing stories every day.

The brand began to share the benefits of QMOW through powerful storytelling, while visually NDT gave the brand a refresh using more contemporary colours. Internally we developed a declaration of what the brand stands for to build pride with employees. Externally, a direct retail campaign was working to drive responses and sign-ups.


Anecdotally, the response to the new look and feel has been extremely positive. The campaign received extensive media coverage on National Meals on Wheels Day. Every Queensland office signed their declaration, totally embracing the new look and feel.

“Our Member Services are relishing the fresh contemporary look created by the Nick Did This body of work, along with the emotional engagement each piece creates with its audience, rather than the transactional focus of our previous collateral. The declaration signing was also a big hit, with multiple services across the state taking the opportunity as a group to reaffirm why they do what they do each day for their community.” – Evan Hill, Chief Executive Officer