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At Nick Did This we like to think of ourselves as ‘foodies’, but a more accurate description would probably be that we just really like eating. So when we got the chance to be a part of MOCO’s rebrand, we felt like we’d been let loose at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

What needed to be done

What needed to be done

Not long before they were MOCO, Queensland Frozen Food Services (QFFS) had the realisation that their brand no longer reflected the business they had actually become. The phrase ‘frozen foods’ didn’t even begin to cover the over 6,500 meats, seafood, smallgoods, dry goods, and chilled and frozen foods they actually sell. They needed a name that gave them a lot more.

What we did

What we did

It was this simple yet wide-ranging idea of being More Convenient, Cost-effective, Compassionate, Cooperative (the list could go on and on) which ended up forming the basis of the new brand and visual identity. And in four letters MOCO was able say more about the brand than the original name was able to accomplish in four words. Alongside their new name, we created the logo, a sub-category logo suite, the brand identity and personality and all the collateral to go with it. Literally everything we could to give ‘more’ to the brand (see what we did there?).

Need-to-know best bit

We got to help re-invent a beloved family owned company who have been in the industry since 1961. It still gives us a thrill every time we see a newly branded MOCO truck drive by!

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