Your Local Fruit Shop.

This campaign was the pick of the bunch

Your Local Fruit Shop

There’s nothing better than when your hard work bears fruit. Everyone knows buying fruit and veg from their local fruit shop is a good idea. Not only does it support local businesses and farmers and increase nutrition, but you’re getting a better product as well. However, the convenience of getting fresh produce from the supermarket in your weekly shop often wins out.

What we needed to do

What we needed to do

Your Local Fruit Shop (YLFS) is a collective of fruit shops working together to promote local fruit shops across South East Queensland in an effort to get shoppers to choose quality and knowledge over pure convenience. Our job was to help them make consumers not just know that they should shop local, but to actually do it and increase interest in other fruit shops becoming members the program as well.

What we did

What we did

The ‘foodie standard’ is now everywhere, from the fanciest restaurants to laneway food trucks. The ‘Your Local Foodie’ campaign harnessed this passion by using the real YLFS retailers and showing that you get the best produce and insider knowledge when you shop local. As well as coming up with the concept, we booked and planned all the media for the campaign. This encompassed everything from a bus shelter Fruit Shop takeover featuring their celebrity spokesperson, Sam Thaiday, to instore giveaways, digital banners, social media, competitions, Adshels and radio ads. It was a big job (we had to tailor each ad to the 75 fruit shops that are a part of the network), but one that was worth it for the great reaction we’ve gotten from both the client and local foodies everywhere.

Need-to-know best bit

The campaign was voted as the most effective YLFS campaign EVER by 77% of retailers in the 2018 YLFS survey. And not only did the takeover bring YLFS directly to people and promote the benefits of shopping local, but commuters got to hang out with their ambassador Sam Thaiday who was there giving out free fruit on the day. And it didn’t hurt that a few of us got to meet him as well…

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