JLL – Smith Collective.

There’s nothing common about this campaign

JLL – Smith Collective

When Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) knocked on our door to help launch an entirely new concept in not just property, but living, we put the welcome mat out. For the first time in Australia, the traditional way of buying an apartment was out the window and Aussies were introduced to the idea of long-term rental – and all of the benefits that brings. There was nothing common about the development either. Our job was to rename, brand and launch the former Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Athletes’ Village. What a golden opportunity. We’re talking about more than just 1250 apartments – welcome to the new version of the great Australian dream.

The components we delivered

  • branding
  • strategy
  • creative concept
  • copywriting
  • art direction
  • design
  • production
  • photoshoot
  • digital
  • video
  • media planning, buying and reporting
What needed to be done?

What needed to be done?

The JLL team appointed Nick Did This (through a tender process) to develop and grow a unique brand with a focus on both residential and retail goals. This project is long-term and more than a brand or marketing campaign. It was important to join forces with partners in PR, social, media, placemaking, leasing agents and retail development to create an integrated strategy based on challenging traditional thinking when it comes to home ownership, renting, and landlords. We needed to do more than create a marketing campaign – we had to inspire a movement!

What we did

What we did

Through several workshops with our client and the owners, we came up with a cool brand name and positioning choices. While preparing our campaign, we also led the production and apartment styling for the photoshoot. On 19 October 2018 we launched Smith Collective. The brand name is based on a collective of like-minded residents, who can live in an entirely new way. Drawing on the most common last name in Australia, Smith Collective captures a sense of shared spirit, showing that the development and its offerings are for anyone and everyone. We continue to work with the Smith Collective brand not just on their retail and marketing, but on continuing to build their unique community and vision.

Need-to-know best bit

Need-to-know best bit

OK, we cheated, there are two best bits. First, playing a key role in a fantastic collaboration to develop this $550 million residential and retail hub. Second, helping to reinvent the whole concept of renting for Queenslanders.