Game of Super – QSuper.

Clear some super confusion – we’re on board

Game of Super – QSuper

There was a lot of new information for staff to learn about becoming an open fund.

The components we delivered

  • concept
  • content creation
  • graphic design
  • copywriting
  • marketing strategy
  • production
What needed to be done?

What needed to be done?

QSuper has traditionally been a superannuation fund for those who work in Queensland’s state sector. That is until 2017 when the company opened its doors and became a public fund for the first time in its long history. This led to QSuper going through a lot of crucial changes, and change often leads to confusion and uncertainty among staff at every level. They needed some help getting back on the same page about who they were and where they were going.

What we did

What we did

There was a lot of new information for staff to learn about becoming an open fund, and what this meant for them and their customers. And what better way to communicate this to them than to produce a board game? Who said learning about superannuation can’t be fun? Not only did staff get to play a board game at work, it was also a great training tool that allowed them to respond to real-life situations and questions. Nothing brings people together like a good old game.


The Game of Super was able to showcase our expertise in production, and was packaged as if it had come straight off the shelf, complete with box, board, pieces and instructions. It was an innovative and interesting training tool that steered away from the usual. The result was training everyone wanted to take part in!