CQUniversity Knows You.

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CQUniversity Knows You

For a campaign which aimed to highlight CQUniversity’s point of difference, it made sense that they’d choose an agency which was a little bit different.

The components we delivered

  • marketing strategy
  • copywriting
  • graphic design
  • filmography
  • editing & animation
  • production
  • content creation
  • collateral development
  • positioning statement

What needed to be done?

It may not be one of the oldest universities in Australia or have the most sandstone, or any sandstone, but what makes CQUniversity stand out is its difference. With lecturers that genuinely know each and every one of their students and take the time to make sure they succeed, no one is ever just a number. And to us their point of difference seemed pretty special.

What we did

What we did

By looking at CQUniversity’s focus on the individual and turning it into the positioning statement ‘CQUniversity Knows You’, we were able to create a versatile campaign which covered everything from digital, press, radio, social, TV, direct and electronic mail. The campaign focused on individual students, their experiences and their unique goals, with them speaking to the camera in a simple, open and conversational way. For a university that is all about the individual, it made sense to give voice to the wide range of different students who all have very different stories of what they want to be.

Need-to-know best bit

The campaign was CQUniversity’s main recruitment drive for their 2018 intake. While final figures aren’t yet available, student applications have increased and are above average across the board nationally. Which goes to show the power of people’s stories!