Brisbane Powerhouse Website.

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Brisbane Powerhouse Website

We co-created a stunning website with great navigation.

The components we delivered

The components we delivered

  • website auditing
  • website design
  • website development
  • creative direction
  • digital
  • brand
  • animation
What needed to be done?

What needed to be done?

The existing Brisbane Powerhouse (BPH) website was urgently in need of an overhaul on two fronts.

  1. It was confusing and overcomplicated. This needed to be addressed.
  2. It needed to creatively reflect the new ‘Loveable Rogue’ brand personality we developed as part of the wider brand refresh work for Brisbane Powerhouse.
How we did it

How we did it

Through an audit of the existing website with BPH, we mapped out a plan of attack including addressing the pain points and must-haves for the site. We also worked with multiple Government stakeholders to ensure compliance throughout the site when showcasing their branding. Then it was a matter of getting out the paintbrush to apply the Loveable Rogue, in-your-face look. A cool brand should have a cool website and after a false start, that’s exactly what we created.


Well, they speak for themselves. We co-created a stunning website with great navigation and an attitude that reflects the Brisbane Powerhouse personality.