BHP – World Science Festival.

Get kids excited about STEM – we know the formula

BHP – World Science Festival

Surely choosing to study subjects which love to break the rules is pretty cool.

The components we delivered

  • concept
  • content creation
  • script writing
  • editing
  • animation
  • graphic design
  • marketing strategy
What needed to be done?

What needed to be done?

At 2017’s World Science Festival, BHP’s goal for their ‘Street Science’ tent was to get kids excited about studying STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). They wanted to make maths fun, engaging and inspiring rather than something that isn’t exciting or too hard. To do this, we had to show that maths and science are more than just equations to solve – they are the formulas behind literally everything we see, do and experience.

What we did

We put together a video that demonstrated the massive role maths plays in our lives. From the formation of galaxies to the structure of the smallest cell, maths provides the rules by which everything in the universe functions and interacts. One of the biggest questions asked by students is what use is maths in the real world? The answer to that is ‘everything’ and we wanted the video to demonstrate the power of this.



More than 55,000 people walked through the Street Science activation over two days, giving the BHP Billiton Foundation a huge amount of positive exposure. And the traffic wasn’t just limited to the event, on social media they had an 11.4% engagement rate, 36,707 impressions and 4,181 likes, shares and comments.