Aurion - PayGo.

It pays to know what makes people click

Aurion - PayGo

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Payday! The campaign reached more than 419,000 users.

Drove more than 6,000 potential customers to the website. 

(This was almost twice the traffic estimated before the launch.)

What needed to be done?

Aurion developed a highly efficient and affordable payroll service called PayGo, an outsourced system that meets the needs of the SME market. Our job was to take PayGo into a cluttered market with low brand awareness in a low-interest category. Plus, our audience was highly reluctant to leave their clunky, trusty old system. Phew.

How we did it

How we did it

By taking a staggered, strategic approach during the three-month campaign. First, we built brand awareness and trust in Aurion, while ‘softly’ introducing PayGo. Second, we started to dial up the PayGo story with a strong retail call to action. This delivered a double-whammy of brand trust-building and compelling retail. Then, as we were integrating the PayGo offer, we hit our target with personalised direct mail pieces. It paid off.