Zoom Zoom

2nd June 2020

Zoom Zoom

What are you doing

During the pandemic?

I’m baking bread

Trying not to panic

I’m planting herbs

On a commercial scale

And really looking forward

To checking the mail

The dog’s never been skinnier

Walked three times a day

I ransacked the shed

For old board games to play

Read War and Peace

Binged on podcasts

Placed a bet with Ladbrokes

On how long COVID would last

Rewatched The Sopranos

All 86 episodes

Doing a lot more washing

Loads and loads

Online school classes

I have a new respect for teachers

Hearing tuba lessons online

Was definitely the feature

And homeschooling a 6-year-old

How hard could that be?

I’ll let you all know

When I finish therapy

Time for a Zoom meeting

I better get dressed

And find a Zoom background

That’ll really impress

It’s not that I don’t care

It’s not that I don’t miss you

But if I’m not at the meeting

I’m having technical issues

Working from home

Can send you ’round the bend

How do you know

When it’s the weekend?

Is 4 o’clock  too early for the first glass of wine?

Is wearing PJs all day such a big crime?

Who’d have thought jigsaw puzzles

Would be all the rage

Some really weird shit

Has come out of this plague

We’ve all learnt new words

Like JobSeeker and JobKeeper

And who would’ve thought

That petrol would get cheaper

So we’re keeping our distance

And washing our hands

Keeping really busy

Not making holiday plans

For so many people

This has been hell

No gym, no cinema


We’ve flattened the curve

We’re killing this bug

It won’t be too long

When we can all have a hug.

– Jeff Smith, Senior Creative