WTF do we do all day?

28th August 2019

WTF do we do all day?

Art Director, Strategist,  Account Manager, Copywriter, Graphic Designer – have you ever wondered what these people actually do all day? Here at NDT we like to call ourselves a ‘challenge agency’ and sometimes we find it hard to define exactly what we do because our work is so varied.

As a fun exercise, this month we asked everyone at NDT to visually and verbally describe what it is they do at work. Sure, we wanted to learn, but also we just wanted to make our copywriters draw something.

Give it a scroll and see what we received below and maybe you can guess who’s who.

Then take a look at the bottom of the article to see if you guessed the roles right!

1. I’m a creative problem solver. I also provide the office with a positive outlook by keeping a humorous facade (dad jokes).

2.My work life is a puzzle.

3.I make very long documents look good in an incredibly short amount of time. I sometimes take photos. I also do some I.T. troubleshooting, remember logins and passwords, and maintain our archives. 

4.I herd cats and dot ‘i’s.

5.I perform magic to entertain people…plus the odd sleight of hand. 

6.I digest and distill client briefs, acting as the conduit between our clients and our agency – always reinforcing the value of our work, skills and experience as well as the relationships we create. 

7.I juggle every day to bring our magic to life.

8.My job is to find a visual response to the client’s problem. “How do we talk about that new product? How do we get more clients? How do we look more pro? How do we look cooler?” 

9.I translate/clarify/refine unclear wants and needs so that very clever people can turn them into ideas.

10.I’m an all-rounder!

11.I make sense of a problem (that’s usually a hot mess) and solve it in the most efficient and creative way possible. 

*click* *click* *click* *double-click* *click* *click* *click* *click*

12.I bring movement to illustrations, photographs and designs. I play, learn, fret, strain, sprint, laugh. It’s all very technical but that’s not what matters.

13.I turn the mundane into meaningful. 

14.I’m an Account Service wizard! Meeting deadlines, crunching budgets, keeping clients happy and creating magic with the design team! 

15.I do a lot of different things! Most of the time I feel like I’m sitting way too close to the screen, busy learning all the endless complexities of Adobe software. 

16.Build an environment for cool stuff to bloom! 

–That all sounds great, but what do we put that under on our time sheet?

  1. Art Director & Graphic Designer
  2. General Manager
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. Creative Director
  5. Head of Client Service & Strategy
  6. Senior Account Manager
  7. Production & Events Manager
  8. Art Director & Graphic Designer
  9. Account Manager
  10. Account Manager
  11. Art Director, Graphic Designer & Video Editor
  12. Video Editor & Animator
  13. Senior Copywriter
  14. Senior Account Manager
  15. Junior Designer
  16. Founder & Creative Strategist