Wrestling Possums, Eating Frogs and WFH

18th June 2020

Wrestling Possums, Eating Frogs and WFH

Our industry uses a lot of acronyms, but none more recently than the infamous ‘WFH’. We’ve seen a barrage of articles telling us how to WFH, what it’s like WFH, if we’ll WFH forever, the benefits of WFH, the drawbacks of WFH – so much WFH content we’re sitting here thinking WTF.

Amidst the sea of WFH ships, we’ve found our favourite source of information and advice. It’s Chris Savage’s blog, Wrestling Possums, that has helped us navigate and apply principles for effectiveness in our everyday life, ‘normal’ work-life and WFH life.

Last week we signed up to Chris’ free lunch & learn Zoom session, ‘Savage Energy Daily WFH Checklist’. Chris took us on a high-energy, story-rich journey after which we were left feeling buzzed and ready to gobble up our frogs.

Ready to…what?

We can explain. Chris’ session steered us through his Daily WFH Checklist, a tool he created in collaboration with Guy Downes, a talented visual comms consultant. We’ve linked to Chris’ Possum post down below, where you can download this tool and see the full list of explanations for each step in the chart.

We will admit, when Chris told us he was going to tell us how to write a to-do list we were a little offended. But as he went on, the points he raised we needed to hear. Including identifying the most important thing you must get done in a day, ‘The Frog’, and gulping it down first up, preferably with a cup of coffee. Heck, writing this blog post was my frog for today. Look at me go, Chris.

Another highlight (apart from his hilarious storytelling) was his bit on ‘The Pomodoro’. This one goes out to those who struggle with time management. Boy is this a system for you.

If you think you and your fellow colleagues need a good kick up the bum with inspiration, we highly recommend Chris’ Zoom session. Using the acronym Chris passed on from Michelle Bridges­ – JFDI (Just Fucking Do It!).

Chris’ blog Wrestling Possums

Guy Downes’ Website

Disclaimer: no actual frogs were harmed in the making of this blog.