Would you look at that? We're almost half way through the year!

19th May 2016

Would you look at that? We're almost half way through the year!

But, just like Brisbane’s never-ending summer, we’re showing no real signs of cooling down here at NICK.

We’ve been heads down, bum up on lots of cool projects lately (some of which we can’t talk about yet), but one of our favourites has been our new campaign for CQUniversity. Based around perfect partnerships, the campaign combines clever messages with the coolest of imagery, so we were pretty darn-tootin’ excited to see one of these messages displayed larger than life on the Gabba Central digital billboard just up the road from the office. We’re not sure if we confused all of the drivers at the traffic lights by just standing there smiling at a billboard as opposed to crossing the road, but what the heck!

But what about the REAL gossip, we hear you ask? Well, as some of you already know Nick recently had surgery to remove a disc from his back and – because they went in through the neck – he now has a gnarly scar on his throat which makes him look super-tough and even more ruggedly handsome than James Bond (okay, he bribed me with donuts to say that last bit).

In other news, NICK’s baby boom continues with Friederike giving birth to a beautiful baby boy named Jasper (in true German-precision style she gave birth on her first official day of maternity leave – no wasting time for Friederike!), while Lisa Erbs’ has happily confirmed that she too has a bun in the oven due in August. The stork loves 33A Logan Road!

Anyhoo, time for us to get back to arguing about coffee, song choices and whether or not Alan the office dog looks better clipped or unclipped.

See you all soon!