When the weather cools down, NICK heats up!

20th April 2017

When the weather cools down, NICK heats up!

We know, we know, it’s been agggggggggges since we were last here but geez a lot has happened…

Everyone has eaten their weight in chocolate eggs which has taken its toll on our bodies, but don’t worry our brains are as switched on as ever! Through a string of what seems like a million four-day weeks, we’ve been able to whip out some truly sensational work.

We’ve just done some VERY exciting stuff for the World Science Festival, with Juzza and Jesse collaborating on an epically cool video. After seeing it how could anyone not fall in love with maths???

Speaking of cool… Laurence has been doing some fabulous stop-motion stuff for CQU, proving that old tricks are just as amazing as new ones.

In staffing news, we are super excited to welcome (back) aboard our Accounts Service whizz Friederike from maternity leave and Stu, who is back from the green shores of Ireland and now insists on only ever drinking Guinness. Please never leave us again guys.

We’ve also been busy meeting and greeting our new fabulously smart suits Ash, who is going to fit in well with the rest of the Harry Potter nerds around here, and Ben who has quickly become the most well-groomed man in the office. We’re also welcoming Sam, who will be working his magic with Ash on all things Suncorp. There’s also Emily who, after we got tired of her badgering, has stopped making our coffees every morning and has started as our new Junior Copywriter.

And we are definitely NOT saying goodbye to our resident cool-kid and Graphic Designer Sassa (she doesn’t do goodbyes) as she fits out a big van and shoots off to Sydney. Her new life on the road, ironically, has gotten in the road of a near-perfect month here at NICK.

And most importantly, or at least most excitingly, our social committee (Juzza) has organised a hectic Karaoke sesh, giving us a chance to rejoice in the good stuff and drown our sorrows over the sad.

That’s probably more than enough Goss for now, catch ya next time!

The team from NICK