There’s nothing sexier than a good old fashioned Grant

24th June 2020

There’s nothing sexier than a good old fashioned Grant

Especially when it’s up to $10k we’re talking about. What? Were you thinking something else?

The Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grant Program opens next Wednesday 1 July and we’re excited that it includes advertising activities.

Here are the fast facts:

  • The available grant amount is a minimum $2,000 and up to a maximum of $10,000 per eligible small or micro business.
  • This is the second round of funding from the QLD Government and it may only be open for a short period due to high demand.

Here are the steps to applying:

  1. Check your eligibility.
  2. Get informed, prepare your application and contact us for a quote to include.
  3. Lodge your application when round 2 opens on 1 July.

The grant can be used towards many things, including building your business through marketing and communications activities – which is where we come in. We can talk with you about what you’d do with $10k and provide a quote to support your application.

Need a website or help with a site refresh? We can help with copywriting, graphic design, photography and video.

Need to promote your business? That’s our middle name. Yep, call us Nick-social-media-and-digital-advertising-Did-This.

How about a brand refresh? We start with a brand audit and knock your new brand out of the park.

Whatever your business wish may be, we’ll do our best to *grant* it and make the most of this funding. Talk to Nick at or 0438 617 883 or Kellie at or 0402 262 262.


Images courtesy of Daily Mail, Wikipedia, Celebrity Cutouts, FavPng, Pngio, ZDNet and 123RF.