The Final Countdown

28th September 2017

The Final Countdown

We know it’s been the longest time between posts but will be the last one ever… on this website anyway, so we should probably fill you in on what’s happening.

All good things must come to an end and even though this one has served us well, we’re SO excited to announce that we’re getting a brand spanking new website! Technology changes as fast as the latest Kardashian news, and we definitely don’t want to be caught being out of fashion. So make sure you get good wear out of this one before it’s no more. We can’t say when but stay tuned because it’ll be soon!

Our next piece of news is potentially even bigger than getting a new website, though with similar themes. Our beloved old office had become a pinch too snug and we were living in our denial about our growing size for way too long, so we’ve finally moved into a building with a bit more room.

It’s pretty amazing – everyone gets a desk and, most importantly, Nick now has two storeys worth of office to decorate. It’s also a two-minute walk from the old office so we’re still able call Woolloongabba home.

And lastly, but definitely the opposite of least, our super talented designer Romain won not one but TWO bronze ‘Design Craft’ trophies at the BADC Awards for his mind-blowing work on our business cards and self-promotional posters. He’s now even hotter than a 20-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio and we get to hang out with him every day. We’re so so so proud and are looking forward to what he comes up with next!

That’s it for now… but don’t worry we’ll see you on the other side a lot more often!

The team from NICK