Sooooo... here's some stuff that's been happening at Nicks.

4th April 2016

Sooooo... here's some stuff that's been happening at Nicks.

The very cool (and funny) Cost of Kids video we just created for Suncorp was featured on Channel 9’s Today program. The video shows just how little young men know about how expensive it is to bring up children. We’ve since renamed the video — Kids: We Haven’t Got A F*#kin’ Clue.

We’ve been re-appointed as the creative agency for the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. Yay! Work is well under way and a few creative seeds have been planted — standby for a fresh new look and smell for Carnival 2016.

WHO’S NEW? We’ve had lots of great new kids come to play in account service recently. We said ‘Hello’ to Adele (hey, had to be done). The lovely Lisa Erbs also joined us (we were running a little short on Lisas). And we gave a big warm moist welcome to Amber in account service. In addition to being excellent at her job, what we really like about Amber is that her name’s not Lisa (we had three Lisas at last count).

On a more serious note, our awesome leader Nick is having a full-on back operation soon. The Nick team is dealing with this the only way we know how — by having a load of drinks at Canvas to numb our collective sympathy pain.

Meanwhile, in other gossip and goings-on — our multi-talented designer Chris sold his house and got a great deal. Congrats Chris! And the Great Gabba Coffee War rages on with Pearl leading Baker’s Arms. Though Helen the barista from Baker’s Arms has been coercing our Creative Director Jeff with free coffee (all’s fair in love and war and caffeine). Stay tuned.

Thanks for popping in.
Cheerio for now!