Print's charming.

26th February 2020

Print's charming.

First up, a disclaimer. We flaming love print! Ever since Nick got his first break in Adland by offering his services for free as a bromide boy at McCann in 1994 he’s had an abiding love affair with print. So when digital disruption first began to impact print volumes and marketing budgets, no one mourned the trend more than us. But then we got to thinking… did the death knell sound too soon?

Clearly, we’re living in a digital-centric world. Consumers are increasingly seeking – and finding – the information they need online, at their fingertips. Compounding the problem is the relative expense and delay in getting printed materials produced and distributed. And then there’s the environmental impact.

Is it any wonder then that print revenue has seen an annualized fall of 1.1% over the past five years? Nope. And nor is there a print revival in store anytime soon. Print volumes and revenue seem set to continue to decline for the forseeable future.

So is now the time to power down the Heidelberg and roll down the roller doors? Not a chance. This is actually a great time to double-down on print, and look anew at this flexible, versatile, impactful medium.

Here are five good reasons why.

  • Differentiate your message. When everyone else is doing digital, a willingness to swim against the tide by including a print piece could prevent your comms getting drowned in a sea of digital sameness.
  • Less might just be more. Statistics from the US suggest that a reduction in the overall volumes of print-based marketing has led to an increase in the response rates for individual campaigns.
  • Expensive – or premium? It’s pretty hard to make a high-value target feel special through a generic web banner. Nothing says premium and personal quite like a carefully crafted print piece.
  • Excite more of the senses. Bombarding your customers with digi comms to read is one way to get their attention, but why not send something they can hold, feel, smell or even hear as well?
  • Hone those haggling skills. Falling demand and excess capacity mean there are some great print deals to be done, so don’t be afraid to flex your negotiating muscles.

Of course, with any print project it pays to partner with experts with a history of delivering cut-through creative, mail house expertise and proven print management skills. If you’re not sure where to start, we know just the people.