Nick Doesn't Do This Alone

19th May 2020

Nick Doesn't Do This Alone

When you run a family business, times like these are not just hard, they are almost unbearable.

I’ve built NDT to what it is today by curating a work family not only of the most talented humans but ones who hold an enormous place in my heart. So when you have to make tough business decisions it’s not just about the financials, it’s equally about the lives of people you love dearly. And getting the balance right nearly broke me.

When something like Covid-19 hits and our world gets turned upside down, client work goes into a weird stasis, and the tyranny of Zoom distance eats away at your soul, I reckon you have two choices. Give up or go hard.

For those of you who know me, giving up has never been, and never will be an option. If anything, I reckon that by having such an amazing family here at work, the most awesome clients anyone could ever wish to work with (and a beautiful husband supporting me every step of the way), I’m more driven than ever before to not just get through this shitty moment in time but come out the other side stronger, more focused and creatively driven than ever before. This means trusting my gut, listening to my work peeps, staying optimistic 24/7 and looking for ways to make our clients’ worlds a little easier.

Did you know that over the years I’ve discovered the most amazingly talented people in the strangest of places? Someone who served me coffee every morning at my local cafe, an Uber driver, a guy who used to serve me as a minor at a gay bar, a scary client, a sister, and even a kid who was busted doodling in her notepad when I was speaking at a conference. And then there’s the kids who I’ve worked directly with throughout my career that I convinced to make the jump and buy into my dream.

When you take this ragtag team of exceptionally creative and super smart souls, and chuck it in the mixer with critical conversations, joy, creative argy bargy, highs and lows, daily laughter and the ridiculous awesomeness that happens every single day, you end up with a moment in time that is so rare, so unbelievably important, that you just wish there was a shortcut out of this dumb hiccup called Covid-19.

But there is no shortcut. Luckily JobKeeper and some amazing projects in the pipeline are helping us keep the entire team together. Not as it was, but still connected and working. And for that I’m so grateful. Rather than being frozen with fear of what’s going to happen in our new, unpredictable future, the love and belief I have in my people, my amazing clients and my quirky crazy agency to get through this and out the other side means that I will never give up. My people and my ‘place’ mean too much to me to do that.

Because I know from experience that if you surround yourself with brilliance, mix it up with a little crazy, and add a little touch of esoteric weirdness, only good things can happen.

– Nick Pritchard, Founder & Creative Strategist