Is Nick Did This the new Ramsay Street?

4th April 2018

Is Nick Did This the new Ramsay Street?

So far this year has been a super-exciting one at Nick Did This. Firstly, in case you haven’t noticed yet, you’re reading this on our new website. Yes it took us six months to finish, but good things come to those who wait.

Apart from that, we’ve had to say goodbye to the nicest guy in the office (maybe the world), Sam who left us last month to work as Marketing Manager at a school in his local community. Supporting his community is something close to Sam’s heart, so while we’re sad for ourselves, we’re also extremely happy for him at the same time. Sam leaving has not only left a space in our hearts, but it also left a literal space upstairs in Account Service. Which is where new guy Tim comes in. It’s only been two weeks and so far his dark humour, creative passion and general weirdness means he has fit in straight away. In other staffing news, Art Director Marc and Junior Copywriter Emily are now full-time – we just couldn’t get enough of them!

And what about actual work? Well, we’ve been partnering with clients such as the Queensland Community Foundation, Queensland Symphony Orchestra, the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM) and Brisbane Powerhouse who we worked with on the recent Brisbane Comedy Festival. Working on the Comedy Festival also meant we got to have a barrel of laughs at some of the shows. We also got to do a whole heap of great stuff for Suncorp, CQUniversity and Goodstart over the past few months. We absolutely love getting to work with such amazing clients who always give us the chance to flex our creative muscles.

Sometimes we wish that every community could be as close as Ramsay Street, and to be honest we think we’re bringing ours closer and closer to that goal. So far we’ve designed some awesome t-shirts for one of our favourite ‘Gabba cafes, Lola. We all drink a LOT of coffee so it’s only natural that we’d be the ones to help them out. And speaking of local cafes, Alex and Friederike featured in the new Allpress ad in Frankie Magazine – achieving every indie teenager’s dream.

Finally, what’s the office goss? Well, Juz lost her glasses and made a big deal about it until we found out they were in her car all along. We’ve been all over the place, Stu just got back from the deep south of the U.S.A, Michelle’s in Thailand and Marc’s in Far North Queensland. In dog news, Chris’s new puppy Betty is taking the attention away from our reigning office dog Allan. Other than that it’s pretty much business as usual around here.

There’s probably more, but if we’ve forgotten anything don’t worry because we’ll be updating this way more often now that we have this shiny new website to play with.

The Nick Did This team.