NDT December 2020 Wrap Up

27th January 2021

NDT December 2020 Wrap Up

2020. Let’s look for the positives.

While adapting and finding new ways to solve problems has always been the way we roll here at Nick Did This, 2020 was a whole new ball game for us, our clients and the whole freakin’ world. That’s why we thought December would be the perfect time to look at some of our most recent work and how we broke rules, adapted to a new COVID-friendly world, burnt the midnight oil and collaborated with our clients and other
co-conspirators to get stuff done.


Good stuff Goodstart

What a challenge. Produce a national TV campaign for Goodstart Early Learning in five weeks. It was imperative that our friends at Goodstart were spreading the word about their high-quality, not-for-profit early learning before December. And what a great story they’ve got to tell.

COVID sucked, but it taught the Goodstart team just how good they really are and that nothing could stop them delivering blue chip early education, even if they had to run more than 10,000 Zoom lessons a week and deliver learning packs to the front door of the families from their centres.

Over five white-knuckle weeks in October and November, Nick Did This collaborated and co-designed with the Goodstart guys and our amigos at Compadre Film Company. Together we produced a series of TV commercials along with radio commercials and digital work to create a high-impact, highly emotional campaign in record time – and all COVID safe. Without the teamwork, trust and smart thinking
it just couldn’t have happened.


Sometimes you just have to believe in Santa

In creating the hero images for the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre Christmas campaign, we asked ourselves, “What do people really want for Christmas this year?”. Our answer – a safe, super-traditional celebration accentuating all of the familiar images of Christmas we’ve grown up with (or at least seen in the movies). This was a deliberate strategy and our production team worked hard to source the most Christmassy Christmas stuff they could find. The other essential ingredients – a great Santa and even better photographer. We found both. It wasn’t easy getting the real Santa into Queensland and past Annastacia while the borders were still closed, but we managed it while she was distracted by the election. Then, our amazing photographer Sam Scoufos captured the magic you see here. The Indooroopilly marketing team were jolly well excited with the result, as were we. Ho ho ho Indro!


Producing the Full Circle Awards was full on

It’s the night-of-nights for the UnitingCare organisation and not even COVID could stop the Full Circle Awards ceremony from going ahead and recognising the hard work of their people. After curating a highly successful inaugural awards evening in 2019, 2020 was supposed to be easier right? We all know how that’s ended up. So, the challenge for the NDT team was to produce a virtual event but with real awards, nominees, finalists, winners and ‘vibe’. COVID made us adapt and dive into the unknown. A virtual event was coordinated at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Brisbane, with a mix of live action presented by an MC along with
pre-produced video content that introduced all of the nominees.

Some amazing ‘live’ entertainment was also pre-recorded, while any finalists who couldn’t attend the event were sent a customised gift hamper with snacks and drinks to enjoy while watching the awards ceremony. Many of these were enjoyed with groups of colleagues safely gathered together around the state. For the first time, the Full Circle Awards combined with the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Awards which made it an even more important night for the UnitingCare organisation.

After many late nights, last minute dashes and urgent courier deliveries from Singapore, the big night went off brilliantly. Many amazing people were recognised and we all learnt how to be flexible, fluid and resilient, despite the circumstances, and get the job done.


The Nick Did This team had to change it up too

Not only did we need to adapt and sidestep on behalf of our clients, 2020 redefined the way the NDT team worked. First, there was the working from home to get used to and ensuring lines of communication were always clear. We managed to work that out fairly quickly and, as time passed, we were able to come into the office and work safely in small teams when we needed to. Then, out-of-the-blue, our lovely Nick Did This office was put up for sale and we had to make decisions. What is the property market actually doing? Do we quickly commit to a lease in this climate? Where are the best café precincts, because we were sure as hell spoiled at East Brisbane.

The decision was made. Nick redesigned his home at Bardon to create an amazing office space which is now being used while we evaluate next year. Problem solved. Our new office details are:

Physical office: 106 Simpsons Road, Bardon, QLD 4065
Postal address: PO Box 190, Paddington, QLD 4064
Phone (remains the same): (07) 3171 2233

While all this was happening another decision was made – an idea that had been floating around pre-COVID. Nick Did This would embrace flexible working hours so that everyone can better balance sitting at a desk with family, fun and finding the best way of working for you.

Phew. Enough sidestepping and changing for you?
That kind of sums up 2020 for us!


Finally, have an awesome Christmas

Now the borders are open, we hope you all get to spend Christmas with your loved ones. Thank you to all of our amazing clients for what has been a special year in so many ways. Let’s take whatever positives we can out of it, congratulate ourselves for getting through it and make this a Christmas we all deserve. Take care and lots of love from the Nick Did This team.