Mum's the word, or is it?

7th May 2020

Mum's the word, or is it?

The mother of all days is coming up this Sunday, and as we prepare for the celebrations, we asked our team to reflect on their own experience with the wonderful and sometimes weird words of maternal wisdom.

We’ve got a lot to thank our mothers and motherly figures for, including always having our best interests at heart. For the most part, their advice can be life-changing, comforting and often practical. But, as some of us know, it can also be a little off-centre or just plain hilarious.

With this in mind, we’ve collected the best and worst motherly advice from our Nicksters. And, well, let’s just say it’s given us a lot to think about.


The worst – “Short at the front and long at the back will look great” (yes, it was a mullet).
The best –  On relationships: “Remember, respect is equally as important as love.”
The worst – Heart’s definitely in the right place and she could turn out to be very right, but “Don’t gamble on sports.”
The best – “If you don’t ask, you don’t know” (I basically have it tattooed haha) or “Learn as many languages as you can” – I grew up in a house where a single sentence could be made up of words from four different languages.
The worst – “hmmmm… ask your Father.”
The best – “Just hug them and tell them it will be OK” (about my kids).
The worst – Probably any and all dating advice ever given (50% for truth and 50% for laughs). Also that the bananas are the best lollies in an Allen’s mixed bag.
The best – Maybe not the best advice she ever gave me but my favourite to come to mind is to swim in the ocean as often as possible.
The worst – “Why leave a perfectly safe job to go to Melbourne?” (I didn’t take her advice).
The best – “Don’t quit uni for a job in the public service.”
The worst – “Maybe you should grow your hair.”
The best – “Don’t spend the money you don’t have in your pocket yet.”
The worst – “Only good things come to those who work hard.”
The best – “Always invest in quality shoes; they’ll last forever.”
The worst – When describing the icky taste of green lolly snakes, that they were “poison”. I believed that for ages. Obviously not strong poison, but to be avoided.
The best – She told me if I did well in school I would have more choices later in life (it was well intentioned). I took it to heart way too early and was a little nerd right through primary school. I’d had about enough by the end of year 10.
The worst – “If someone hits you at school, hit them back, I won’t get mad.”
The best – “Don’t burn the candle at both ends!”


The worst – Mixing solo (soft drink) with cask wine. 😣
The best – “Always treat people the way you would like to be treated.”
The worst – “Just one drink won’t hurt.”
The best – “Don’t pick your nose.”
The worst – “Wear that lovely pink woollen (and very itchy) dress tonight.”
The best – “Never leave the house without getting properly dressed. You could get pulled over by the police.”
I would have to say both the best and worst advice from my Mum is related to food, “You have to try it first before you can say you like it or you don’t.”
The worst – “If you rip it off quickly it’ll hurt less.”
The best – “Bring a jumper” 🥰 Love you Mum.