Monthly Wrap Up – May 2020

9th June 2020

Monthly Wrap Up – May 2020

In the words of George Costanza – it’s June!

Though we may celebrate the passing of another gruelling month in 2020, we’d like to reflect on the good things that happened in May. There were some little wins for us Queenslanders. We’ve made a few comebacks with schools re-opening, cafes and restaurants dusting off a few seats and, of course, we’re all super relieved the NRL is back on.

NDT had a couple of wins during May too. Check it out.

We did a local-international campaign. And yes, it’s a thing.

Let us explain. Our pals at CQUniversity are a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to giving their competitors a run for their money. That’s why we were eager little beavers when they enlisted our help to come up with the creative for a new campaign.

The goal was to influence current international onshore students from competitor universities as well as LOTE (language other than English) domestic prospects to apply to study at CQUniversity in Term 2, 2020. The campaign intermingled digital display, native content, online video and social stories. The overarching concept, ‘A uni that knows it’s okay to change your mind’, speaks to CQUni being the uni that understands its students and their needs, no matter where they’re from. For a local campaign, we were left feeling pretty worldly.

We gave Apia & Five Good Friends a hand

Our client Apia has a long-standing friendship with the good folks at Five Good Friends. FGF are in-home care providers re-inventing how people access care services in Australia.

In response to Covid-19 these guys launched a new service called ‘At Hand’, providing support services for older Australians such as remote check ins, monitoring state of mind and wellbeing, as well as keeping families informed about their loved ones’ health.

We had the pleasure of lending a hand to help launch the service, which Apia extended for free to its customers for an 8-week period. We developed a healthy dose of assets, from scripting notes to customer journey guides, staff newsletters and eDMs. The result? A strong launch of a relevant service and an example of positive work responding to the times in a tangible way.

We hit the jackpot with Deaf Services

Working with a client on a fun brief that’s for a good cause is like winning the lottery. And that was quite literally the case when Deaf Services asked us to help create a TV commercial for their multiple prize package lottery. With first prize worth a total $800,000 bigguns in mind, we created this commercial.

Deaf Services is supported by its fundraising program, The Deaf Lottery Australia. Every ticket purchased supports the delivery of programs that empower the Deaf community to live full and independent lives. If that sounds like just the ticket for you, check out Lottery 186 for a full list of prizes to be won.

The sensation that is Nicktation

About two eDMs ago, we introduced you to Nicktation. It’s a service we’ve created that makes meetings engaging, memorable and overall less sucky.

We created a flip book about it, but there’s no need to read that shiz when you can watch the video we put together.

We made sure to source the most soothing vocals in our agency for the voiceover. Can you work out who it is?

BHP gave us a workout

At a time when unemployment is high, we couldn’t be more proud of helping BHP launch a completely new trades training brand, BHP FutureFit Academy, aimed at helping more people get jobs.

Despite hurdles like not being able to visit the academy sites (thanks ‘Rona), production dilemmas and tight timings, we turned the whole thing around in just under four months from being briefed. That’s four months to form the bold positioning, design internal communication pieces, posters, murals, wayfinding, signage, course materials – every touch point for the brand so far.

We are tickled pink to see two academies open already in QLD and WA. With more soon to follow.

Check out the full story of our work on BHP FutureFit Academy here.

Before you sneak off

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Jeff wrote a poem
And we’re glad he did it because man poetry’s hard

Take a minute and see if you relate to his ‘Rona rhyme.