Monthly Wrap Up - May 2019

31st May 2019

Monthly Wrap Up - May 2019

All of Nick Did This was there when he said “I Do”

In the grand tradition of the Women’s Weekly, here’s the special wedding edition of our monthly wrap up. A double rainbow appeared across the Brisbane sky to announce Nick and Ando’s amazing wedding on Friday 17 May. Love and good vibes were definitely in the air too when Ando and Nick exchanged vows in front of the entire Nick Did This family, close friends and of course Ando’s loved ones, including a contingent from New Zealand.

Momani’s on Coronation Drive looked almost as stunning as Nick and Ando thanks to the breathtaking floral work of Caroline from Wilde Flora. Caroline’s brief was to create a post-apocalyptic Hanging Gardens of Babylon takeover – and she nailed it.The ceremony was roooo-mantic as hell and the speeches poignant… but the night was almost stolen by young Isabella who wowed us all with her solo piano version of “Imagine”. That was followed by a very cool version of Katy Perry’s “Firework” by Isabella’s equally talented sister Renee.

It didn’t take long for a party to break out and there were some smooth dance moves, but more dodgy ones. It was a fantastic night and we’re all so thrilled for Nick and Ando.

We also did some work this month too…

Some amazing new clients said “I do” too

We always love the opportunity to work with new clients and this month we welcomed Queensland Meals on Wheels, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services, Silver Chef, Tourism Tropical North Queensland and Elevate Residential to Nick Did This. We’ve already started work for all five and are loving it!

We put our best foot forward for Queensland Orthotic Lab

We were so glad to get a foot in the door and rebrand this fantastic Queensland company. It was so refreshing to work with a business that appreciates old-world craftsmanship but still embraces new technology. They’re really kicking some goals. Check out their new website here to find out more about their art meets science philosophy.

When work is child’s play 

Do you know why the first 1001 days are critical in a child’s development? We do because we were lucky enough to produce an AV with childhood education expert Sue Robb from Goodstart Early Learning. We’re creating a series of five videos for parents covering a range of topics including this one about why it’s important to talk to your child from day one.

Forget Winter, it’s rewards that were coming with the Game of Homes

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock for the last coupla’ years, and not in Westeros or Essos, Game of Thrones is huge and Suncorp have tapped into the juggernaut of GoT to highlight their home loan offering. We had a ball bringing their Game of Homes campaign to life.

We helped make Mum’s day 

Mum deserves more than one day dedicated to her, so we helped Indooroopilly Shopping Centre put on a three day party for the mum’s of Brissie. Stores including Ted Baker, Perfect Potion and Lush laid it on with free flowers, high tea and an aromatherapy experience. It was complementary mocktails and flamenco music all the way for three incredible days to say “Thanks Mum!”

Weddings, festivals, anything!

Sure, weddings are fun, but we also got to work on two festivals and a Clydesdale field day, which all play a significant role in Queensland’s culture.

The Quandamooka Festival is all about celebrating the rich culture of the Quandamooka Peoples and their country, which spreads across the Redlands and Moreton Bay islands, including North Stradbroke. It’s always a privilege to learn more about our important Indigenous communities.

We also helped out our friends at the Great Barrier Reef Festival (previously called the Whitsunday Reef Festival). It was time to freshen up their identity and that’s a job we took to like a reef fish to water.

The 2019 Gatton Heavy Horse Field Day is a salute to our pioneering history. The Clydesdales and other awesome horses that helped build our nation are on display over a great weekend that also features blacksmithing and other cool colonial stuff. We’re really happy to be able to help out our friends on the land.

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