What a year this month has been

30th April 2020

What a year this month has been

Thirty days has September,
April, June, and November,
all the rest have thirty one,
except March and April which have 3000.

Not gonna lie, we’re feeling it too. But as we look back on the past couple of weeks we realise we’ve worked on some pretty cool projects. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the things we’ve been creating in our pajamas homes.

One for the road

With the new regulations in place regarding COVID-19, our client AMP Capital came to us with a brief for a tasty new campaign. They wanted to remind customers that although non-essential retailers in their shopping centres have closed, their food retailers are still open for business, stepping up to the plate with takeaway and delivery options.

We cooked up a suite of assets for nine of AMP’s shopping centres across QLD, NSW, VIC and WA. As the delivery offer was a new experience for some retailers, we made sure to include clear wayfinding and signage to make it easier for delivery drivers, including designated delivery driver bays. Not only did the campaign reassure customers they could still enjoy their fave feeds from the comforts of their own quarters, it thanked them for supporting local business. To say the least, it was very satisfying work.

Communication that speaks for itself

What do animation, illustration, video, TVC, editing, motion graphics and production all have in common? Our in-house video department, of course. Making things move on screen is way harder than it looks but thankfully, like Dr Frankenstein, our team can literally make anything come to life. With all our skills combined we can come up with a solution that works easily and cost-effectively in these social distancing, difficult to film times. Sure, we could keep talking the talk but watch us walk the walk in our video all about it here.

One for the record books

The Voice Plant is to NDT as Beyoncé is to Jay-Z. Irreplaceable. Also maybe a little Drunk In Love, and not just because they have an endless supply of Fantales. They’re a bit of an institution in the Brisbane ad industry, and they happen to be very nice people too.

Late last year we decided to create something to help promote these guys to existing and potential clients. What we did was create a DM piece that was relevant and hands on – a piece that generated talkability too groovy to throw away.

We got our creative discs spinning and landed on using old-school 45 singles as our ‘canvas’. The decision was vinyl because The Voice Plant are renowned for combining new and old technology to facilitate their top notch audio production. The best part? We sourced 100 vinyl singles from Rockaway Records at Carindale. They are real singles with real daggy songs on them if you have a turntable. It really was a great time all round.

In the need for speed?

Watch the making of our Brisbane skyline header image in this time lapse video. And then give our illustrious in-house illustrator, Sam, a pat on the back. Bonus points if you can find the teddy bear!

Before you zoom off

If you’ve just finished your 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and are looking for the next activity, look no further than the mystery dot-to-dot activity we’ve made for you. It’s a therapeutic exercise – plus we could all use a little connection right now, eh? Click the link here to download, save and enjoy-n. 😁