Monthly Wrap Up – March 2019

3rd April 2019

Monthly Wrap Up – March 2019

Meet Indy!

We are very excited to say a big hello to Indy, our new Account Coordinator. This pistachio nut-hating backyard beekeeper is already fitting in with the rest of the weirdos here at Nick Did This. Welcome to the family Indy! Find out all about her here. 

We love this project to the Moon and back

Every year at World Science Festival the BHP Foundation use their ‘Street Science’ tent as a way to get kids excited about STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). This year’s theme was ‘Science Fiction… or Fact?!’, a theme that not only let us connect with our inner (or not so inner) nerds, it also allowed us to come up with a creative look and feel that was out of this world. We used traditional science fiction imagery with an old-school comic book style to complement the theme and it looked as good as Han Solo’s face after he did the Kessel Run in just 12 parsecs!

Community matters

We work on lots of things for Indooroopilly Shopping Centre both big and small. So, when they asked us to do a small job designing a poster, the moment we saw it we knew it was going to be a big deal. Starting on Tuesday 9 April, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre are putting on free morning teas for people with disabilities and their carers on the first Tuesday of every month. Held at Rozzi’s Fresh Kitchen, the morning teas are a great way to connect with people and establish Indooroopilly as a place that truly cares about their local community. It’s a great initiative and one of the many reasons we love working with Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

Don’t leave Jeff and Arkie hanging out to dry

Our Senior Copywriter and recreational hedging fanatic Jeff and his daughter Arkie are participating in the Sudsy Challenge. To raise awareness and funds for OrangeSky, an organisation which provides a regular laundry and shower service for our friends on the streets, people will be wearing the same shirt for three days. The challenge is all about bringing to light how the little things we take for granted every day, a shower and clean clothes, can be a big deal for a lot of people. So throw some money into their laundry basket and get behind Jeff and Arkie as they get stinky this weekend. We’d always pegged them as pretty good people.

You can donate here:

Have you read our latest blog? 

Has what’s old become new again?

Humans in every part of the world have a rich history of craftsmanship. Carpentry, dressmaking, pottery, cheesemaking, winemaking, clockmaking, glass blowing, weaving and the list could go on – we’ve done it all. But unfortunately, post Industrial Revolution this all changed. The shift to powered, special-purpose machinery and factories meant that products could be mass produced, it was faster and cheaper and meant that making things moved outside of the home. Sure, the economy got a massive boost and technology was allowed to flourish, but in a lot of ways people lost touch with craft.

However, things seem to be changing again. Craft is back on the rise. Before technology we relied on creative solutions to solve problems or advance our societies and the urge to create is in all of us, not just the ‘hipsters’ taking photos on a Leica M7 film camera… Read on.