Monthly Wrap Up - June 2019

10th July 2019

Monthly Wrap Up - June 2019

How we’ve been keeping our cockles warm

Winter shminter. Big warm and fuzzy welcomes have been keeping us all nice and toasty lately as we’ve said g’day to the two new additions to the Nick Did This family.

Madeleine is our new admin assistant who is also studying a Bachelor of Communication, Public Relations and Advertising at QUT. So while Maddy’s a busy girl she’s in the right place to learn the ropes and launch a career in the business.

So who’s the second new addition I hear you gurgle? Cue the oohs and aahs because on June 2 we welcomed Marley Alexander ‘Ace’ Chan into the world, weighing in at 3.4 kilos. Congratulations to Marc (our senior designer) and his wife Mel. How’s that sleeping working out for you?

As well as warm welcomes, we delivered some pretty hot work this month too.

Real estate with a social conscience. No, really!

Let us explain. Nick Did This has a fantastic new client called Elevate Residential. Elevate operates like any other real estate agency, with a team of licensed professionals managing properties all around Brisbane. The difference is they pass on 100% of their profits to the folks at Brisbane Housing Company who specialise in organising homes for those experiencing challenging circumstances.

By helping Brisbane Housing Company, Elevate support those doing it tough and in need of safe and secure housing. It’s a brilliant business model and one we’re really happy and humbled to be involved.

Northern delights!

Nick, Sandy and Jeff joined our Cairns-based Account Director, Alexa, to continue to connect with our new clients at Tourism Tropical North Queensland. The guys met with operators, business owners and key contacts at the local tourism organisations.

We’re continuing our intensive workshops and finding out as much as we can about this incredible part of the world. These sessions are also a fabulous opportunity to join with the many people who love this region and work tirelessly to create unforgettable tourism experiences, every day.

We will say though, it continues to be quite arduous for the poor guys, slumming it with visits to Port Douglas and Palm Cove. After all, you can’t create a fresh new brand and campaign if you’ve not experienced all there is to offer…including a cocktail or two at sunset. They even managed a visit to a crocodile park. But they didn’t have much time, so they had to make it…snappy.

Watch this space for more NDT stories from the north.

We got our skates on for Indro

We love working on these ‘cool’ events for our clients at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre. Winter means free school holiday ice skating at Indro! While it looks like fun, there have been no volunteers from NDT brave enough to strap on the skates and give it a crack. If you’re looking for something for the kids to do these hols, they can ice skate for free until July 14. As for the grownups, Indro’s always been a great place to chill!

お帰りなさい Okaerinasai Chris (welcome back)

We’ve had a few welcomes this month but we also had a big welcome back to Chris, our senior designer/intrepid photographer. Chris celebrated a significant birthday by heading off to Tokyo with his trusty camera and a few rolls of film. Yes people. Film. It was a life changing experience and Chris took some incredible shots. In true tradition of film photography, he’s still waiting for the rolls to be developed. Keep an eye out on Chris’ Instagram to see what develops.

Another bloody nice blog!

Juzzie, our favourite art director/video editor, has written an amazing blog to put some of us writers to shame. When you consider that writing is her second language, Justine has written a great piece to get us thinking and doing.

Before we go

This month Nick and Andrew celebrated their new marriage and headed off on their belated honeymoon to Sydney. These two lovebirds had a great time treating themselves to champagne, cupcakes and even a trip to see the Archibald Prize Exhibition! Big hugs and kisses from the team.