Monthly Wrap Up - January 2020

12th February 2020

Monthly Wrap Up - January 2020

We’re back in business baby

We’ve been heads down, bum up on lots of projects (some of which we can’t talk about yet) since returning from our Christmas break, but we’ve asked some of our peeps to take a second to fill you in on what’s been going on here at NDT. Over to you team!

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

In this month’s edition of our news we want to honour and thank our General Manager, Lisa, who leaves us at the end of this month. Lisa has been a permanent fixture in my life for many, many years. As some of you would know, Lisa was with me at my first agency Decoder and somehow I managed to convince her to partner me again when Nick Did This was born – she’s been a constant by my side over the last seven years.

Without Lisa my business and our team would not have flourished and gone from strength to strength. From me personally, and the whole team at Nick Did This, we wish her well and thank her for her care and dedication. We can’t wait to ‘gatecrash’ her semi-retirement plans for a calmer, beach-side lifestyle…somewhere on the Sunny Coast.

Sadness is often balanced with joy as we welcome Lynley Welsh who will be managing our finances. To our wonderful clients, you’ll be hearing more from Lynley as she takes the reigns and fills Lisa’s Isabel Marant’s.

– Love Nick x

It’s ok, we don’t like going to the dentist either

But we do LOVE working with our client Smiles Inclusive on developing a refreshed brand for their dental practices Totally Smiles. Late last year we started the process of ‘co-developing’ the brand through a day’s workshop with a cross-section of the team from around Australia. We quickly saw real warmth and humanity among the group – and it got us thinking, how do we tap into this care and humanity to build a meaningful and memorable brand?

At the heart of the brand development is ‘The Jester’ archetype (or what we’re calling ‘The Wise Jester’). Just as many comedians use humour to deliver a serious message, sometimes one that is unpalatable or unpopular, Totally Smiles can use humour ‘wisely’ to have an honest conversation about dentistry. The fear of going to the dentist is real. By being open about this human truth and taking a more lighthearted approach, we’re creating a unique position for the brand.

If your brand needs a joosh, get in touch.


Strap yourselves in for a giggly four weeks

Brisbane Comedy Festival is back again and we’re so excited to be on board for our third year in a row as the Creative Partner for our mates at Brisbane Powerhouse. This year it’s bigger than ever with two new venues and a cheeky new purple character (our latest update to the BCF suite!). Tickets are on sale now so head to the website here to check out the line-up, there’s sure to be someone who’ll tickle your fancy.


A match made in heaven

Some partnerships are just meant to be – GoPro and Red Bull, Nike and Apple, Kanye and Adidas. Another one to add to the list is Indooroopilly Shopping Centre and QUT’s School of Creative Industries – one proud Brisbane institution supporting another.

For the second year, Indro as we fondly call it, hosted QUT’s School of Creative Industries Student Showcase ‘Designing The Future’. We created the key visual for the showcase that featured over 50 pieces of work from the best creative minds of the future across multiple categories including Fashion, Architecture and Interior Design.

You can check out the showcase here.


An open letter to our website

Dear website,

Wow! How are you feeling after your face lift? Don’t get us wrong, you looked great before. But we didn’t want to leave you for too long to become The Most Neglected Site on the Web (yes that is a real thing).

While there are a few more touch ups to go, we just wanted to say you’re doing a great job so far showcasing our most recent case studies and just looking fab in general.

You go!

Love from Indy and the team.