Monthly Wrap Up - August 2019

4th September 2019

Monthly Wrap Up - August 2019

It may be the first week of Spring but things are already bloomin’ wonderful here at NDT

This month we’ve welcomed faces old and new to the team, launched some musical celebrations of the 80s, kicked off a new state-wide campaign for Meals on Wheels and got people everywhere thinking about not just pay but payroll. Just another month really!

A Rich-ly anticipated new member of the team

This month we’re super-stoked to welcome Richard “Rich’ Boland to the Nick Did This crew as Business Director. Over his career Rich has been a Direct Marketing Manager; Marketing Manager; Marketing Director; Chief Marketing Officer; Head Strategy Planning; Head Client Services; General Manager AND Managing Director for agencies and clients big and small both here and in the UK. Rich brings a world of smarts, a focus on service and the tendency to call anyone he’s annoyed with a ‘muppet’ to the team, and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board. Why not drop him a ‘how-ya-doin’ at

We’re positively MELTing

A celebration of the greatest LGBTIQ+ albums of the past 50 years, Brisbane Powerhouse’s MELT Vinyl series not only pays homage to the messages, struggles and talent of LGBTIQ+ voices, it also gives us the opportunity to bust out some seriously funky retro design opportunities. With artwork for the Culture Club and Melissa Etheridge shows already under our belt we can’t wait to see what our creative discs will be spinning next!

A project that’s truly satisfying

When Queensland Meals on Wheels came to us needing help to create a new look, feel and campaign to help them compete with the array of new meal delivery services on offer these days, we couldn’t have been more chuffed. Meals on Wheels has been proudly delivering ‘more than just a meal’ to the aged community and people in need for decades, and our work with them has not just been a pleasure, but a privilege.

A payroll message that’s more evolved

A new payroll solution might not seem that exciting to many people, but for those who have to deal with numbers every day Aurion’s new payroll solution, PayGo, was like seeing Elvis for the first time i.e. something excitingly different (albeit without the hip swivel). Our quirky digital campaign stood out from the competition and rolled out across display, Facebook, Gmail and LinkedIn to let every number-cruncher know that – finally – there was a payroll solution that had evolved.

Wilkommen Rike

Our lovely Account Manager, Rike, has returned to us from maternity leave! While she may not have to deal with any tantrums during work hours, we’re pretty sure everyone here has enough dummy spits to keep her occupied!


WTF do you do all day?

Good question (and one our Traffic guru, Stu, legitimately asks each of us every day when we do our time sheets). What DOES an Art Director do for a living? Does a Copywriter just put the little © symbol on things? What does an Account Manager manage? We asked everyone on the team to give a verbal and written account of what they do every day. And, well, the results may surprise you….check it out.