Monthly Wrap Up – September 2018

12th December 2018

Monthly Wrap Up – September 2018

September has been out of this world!

This campaign is the pick of the bunch

These days everyone’s a foodie. Ever since the rise of MasterChef good food has become more accessible – it’s no longer confined to fine dining restaurants. The ‘foodie standard’ is now everywhere, from the fanciest restaurants to laneway food trucks and people’s kitchens. And if you’re passionate about food it makes sense that you’d go to the people who are passionate about produce – Your Local Fruit Shop. The ‘Your Local Foodie’ campaign harnessed this passion by showing that you get the best when you shop local. The targeted Adshels and radio ads meant that every individual location was represented, reinforcing the connection people have to their local fruit shop. It was a big job (we had to tailor each ad to the 75 fruit shops that are a part of the network), but one that was worth it for the great reaction we’ve gotten from both the client and local foodies everywhere.

Let’s get weird

Everyone has a dark side. Or we hope they do; the world wouldn’t be that interesting if they didn’t. Which is exactly why we love working with Brisbane Powerhouse – they give us a chance to explore our darker side. Wonderland Festival is about the weird and wonderful, showcasing the best of burlesque, circus, music, theatre, comedy and more. It’s surprising, delightful and a little bit debaucherous – just like our creative.

Dive into diversity and inclusion

It’s hard to believe that in 2018 we still have to educate people on the importance of diversity and inclusion. But as gender, ethnicity and background continue to be barriers in the workplace, festivals like Dive In Festival for Diversity & Inclusion in Insurance are still so important. As an agency we are passionate about creating an environment where we not only harness difference but celebrate it (we’ve even written a blog post about it). So, when Nick was asked to speak as part of the 2018 Dive In Festival he spoke about the principles we use every day to leverage our people and client’s strengths to get the best outcomes we can. Because not only is it the right thing to do, it’s also the best thing for a workplace.