Monthly Wrap Up – November 2018

12th December 2018

Monthly Wrap Up – November 2018

The end of the year might be getting closer, but there are no signs of us slowing down.

It doesn’t get any bigger than this

This isn’t the first time A.P. Eagers has launched an advertising campaign for Queensland’s Biggest Car Sale, nor is it the first time a wavy man has been used to sell a car – but it IS the first time either has been done like this! This fun project from Australia’s oldest listed automotive group allowed us to spend a day hanging out with an actual wavy man (his name was Wayne) to create a campaign that encompassed radio ads (voiced by Wayne himself), social collateral, point of sale assets, digital billboards, letterbox drop, a microsite and four social videos that are fun, silly and downright impossible to ignore. Featuring Wayne the Wavy Man popping up in a desk drawerfridgeshower and car boot to grab people’s attention, each video is fun, kooky and unexpected which isn’t surprising considering all of them were shot right here at Nick Did This.

We’ve been as busy as Santa’s elves on ELF

It’s been proven that access to early learning is essential to shaping a young child’s development. What happens to children during their first five years has a significant impact on their school years and can even affect their later lives. But for a lot of disadvantaged, underprivileged and disabled children, access to early learning is often restricted or impossible. That’s why Goodstart, Uniting, the Benevolent Society and C&K teamed up to create the Early Learning Fund (ELF), to help prevent children being left behind. To raise awareness about ELF, Goodstart asked us to create a website, and video using real children to explain what ELF is, as well as a series of videos with real-life stories from educators and parents about the impact ELF has had on their lives. The result? A campaign that would melt even the hardest heart!

It’s starting to feel a lot like Brisbane’s merriest Christmas

Australian Christmas is all about combining the best of both worlds. We still get the presents, the carols and Santa, but we leave behind the roaring fire and any hint of snow. That’s why Indooroopilly Shopping Centre thought it was time this year to bring a touch of Aussie Christmas to everything Indro! And we got to work on everything from posters, signage, event collateral and wayfinding to the overall theming itself. Forget reindeer, holly, or snow, Indro’s Christmas campaign and instore Santa World (which happens to be the biggest of its kind in Brisbane) features native plants, koalas, wombats and plenty of other Aussie touches to make Santa feel like a local. We love Christmas at the best of times but when we get to take the best of traditional Christmas and add a touch of Oz? Magic!

Batten down the hatches Cairns!

North Queensland is known for its tropical storms but our amazing Account Director, Alexa McGrath, is probably the biggest whirlwind of them all. Having worked around the world at agencies both big and small, she is finally returning to her hometown of Cairns. But don’t worry, Alexa will still be working for Nick Did This! Because while she sees it as a lifestyle change for the family, we see it as a chance to expand with our very own Cairns office. We’ll be doing the same awesome work we usually do, except while sipping cocktails on a beach in a tropical paradise. So, if you’re lucky enough to be in NQ or FNQ and need our help, Alexa is all over every aspect of Tourism, Hospitality, Property, Education, Local Government and more.

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