Monthly Wrap Up – August 2018

12th December 2018

Monthly Wrap Up – August 2018

It may be the first week of spring but at Nick Did This, great ideas have been flowering all year round.

Sparks have been flying 

Science is never stagnant, it is always changing and developing as new discoveries are made. If scientists stopped searching for answers after every new discovery we wouldn’t have antibiotics, airplanes or astronauts. And Queensland’s Sciencentre is no exception, it’s in the process of transforming into SparkLab – where kids can actually be the scientists. And since SparkLab is two weeks away from opening, we thought it would be the perfect time to share the teaser video we created for it back in June. We needed to spark people’s curiosity without any collateral (it was still under construction), and to be honest it turned out to be simply electrifying.

Some big things have been unearthed

Ever since BHP and Queensland Museum uncovered a whole lot of megafauna on their South Walker Creek Mine site, they’ve teamed up to show off the discoveries. And that’s where Unearthed Day comes in, a community science day on August 12 that gave everyone a chance to see the fossils (plus a lot of extra sciencey stuff) in Mackay – the site’s closest city. Our job was to give the event a name and poster design to match how cool the day actually is.