Lest we forget.

24th April 2020

Lest we forget.

While this year will be different to others, with services being cancelled across Australia and internationally, ANZAC Day remains an important day. At 6am tomorrow we’ll be joining the #lightupthedawn movement to remember all those who have served and died for this nation. We’ll see you on the driveway, balcony, from the verandah or the living room as we stand united in our ANZAC spirit.

We asked our Production Manager and former serviceman, Stuart, for his thoughts on this day.

“My partner David and I were fortunate to be selected to attend the 100th year anniversary of the Gallipoli landing in Turkey. The morning was peaceful with the waves gently rolling over the stony beach cove – a beautiful place – yet a place of immense horror and death. A century later, you can still see the scars of battle, where trenches and barbed wire lay the landscape. Dotted in many places are cemeteries and memorials of the fallen.

Human nature is to survive, these men chose to die. Never, never forget this.

Remembering the courage, sacrifice and mateship of the men and women who have given their lives, but also those who served and survived. These men and women are the foundation and spirit of this country. They gave us all the freedom in which we, and so many others from around the world now choose to call home.”