Who knew that a pig would turn out to be our spirit animal?

5th February 2019

Who knew that a pig would turn out to be our spirit animal?

Sure, 2019 is already here and we’ve already celebrated New Year’s Eve, we’ve popped the champagne, watched the fireworks and kissed someone at midnight (or something like that). But there’s another New Year’s yet to observe – Chinese New Year. On February 5 we say goodbye to the Year of the Dog and hello to the Year of the Pig which, for one, means that you should probably hold off on prematurely breaking your New Year’s resolutions at least until then.

The Pig is the twelfth and last sign in the Chinese zodiac, which in Chinese Mythology means it was the last animal to arrive to meet the Jade Emperor (it overslept). Some say this demonstrates the pig’s laziness, but it can also be seen as a reflection of its calmness and carefree attitude. An attitude we should be bringing with us into 2019. That’s right, in the Year of the Pig it’s not lazy if you press the snooze button, leave the washing up or put off your responsibilities to watch just one more episode of something – it’s carefree. But in all seriousness, being more carefree means being calm in the face of difficult problems, having a sense of humour when things don’t go your way and being patient when things are taking longer than you thought they would.

To make things clear, we are in no way advocating having a flippant attitude towards work or taking our foot off the pedal. What we are advocating is something very close to our current ‘Nickisms’ – the set of ‘rules’ that form the basis of not only how we behave in the workplace, but who we are as a business. When we looked up what the Year of the Pig actually meant, we found that almost all of its defining characteristics aligned with our Nickisms. The pig is kind, genuine, fun-loving and thoughtful, they’re hard workers who always deliver on their promises. They prove that it’s possible to be both hardworking and carefree, and that the latter doesn’t mean you don’t take a job seriously. In the context of the workplace, it means tackling problems with a positive attitude that sees them resolved with minimum fuss and maximum empathy and graciousness towards the person on the other side. It means approaching everyone – colleagues, clients, loved ones – with kindness and patience, and it means always taking the time out to have a little fun. Because all these things make for a better place to work. Who knew that 2019 would be the year of realising that our spirit animal is a pig?

Our Nickisms: