Is there progress within simplicity?

27th August 2020

Is there progress within simplicity?

It might be reasonable to suggest that everyone is embracing the simple things during this time. There’s joy in a good cup of coffee, barefeet on freshly cut grass, the sun glinting on water. Which got us thinking about how complex we’ve made life and business. This isn’t a revelation. We’ve always trod on the fringe of alternate views on different aspects of business. It just feels like now is the time to take a stronger stance.

Our bread and butter comes from helping others articulate their why and what they stand for in simple terms. For many clients, their brand’s authentic essence and brand personality can feel impossible to pin down. Our skill is to capably guide leaders to the single truth at the heart of a brand, change or project and to simply articulate it. On many occasions our clients think it is magic.

Yet many businesses still feel the pull of corporate development frameworks. Employee Value Propositions, Customer Value Propositions, Brand Value Propositions, values, visions, missions, purpose, behaviours, capability models and on and on it goes.

Many times we’re asked to ‘stitch together’ or make sense of all these disparate statements and weasel words written by different parts of a business to help employees to know what to do. In sharing the idea behind this post with a wise client, she affirmed, that most businesses frameworks have become more important than the outcome.

So what about if we ditched all the ‘propositions’ and went for one. A human value proposition.
One HVP that connects the intersection of brand, strategy, people, customers and culture. One simple statement that sums up the spirit of the organisation based on the truth of its capability and the extent of its ambition. One HVP that everyone could actually remember and use as a marker of an organisation’s success to walk its talk inside, out.

Now that would be remarkable.

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to make your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” – Steve Jobs

– Kellie Penridge, Head of Client Service