Indooroopilly Shopping Centre's Best of Brisbane Fashion Markets – June 2018

12th December 2018

Indooroopilly Shopping Centre's Best of Brisbane Fashion Markets – June 2018

You probably know that we do heaps of cool stuff like video editing, design and brand development. But did you know that we also organise and design events? Well we do! There was one just last month that we worked on for Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, check it out below (we’re very proud of it).

The Brief 

This year we were very excited when Indooroopilly Shopping Centre came onboard as one of our clients (the shopaholics among us were particularly happy). Our first job was to help them with the creative and rollout of the Best of Brisbane Style & Design Market, a brand-new idea they had to showcase some of the best independent fashion designers Brisbane has to offer. Most of the local designers didn’t have an actual storefront so it was a great opportunity for them to have a physical presence in Indooroopilly so customers could see their wares in real life. Running from 7-10 June, the market showed that Indooroopilly is a shopping centre that supports all of Brisbane and drove a lot of people to the centre in the process.

What we did

Brisbane is home to a whole lot of local independent talent which can often be largely overlooked by the major shopping centres. So, by positioning themselves as a place that is championing retail in Brisbane, Indooroopilly solidified their position as a shopping centre that’s not just in Brisbane but that’s for Brisbane. So, we made sure to come up with a design concept to compliment their idea for a market that was as ‘Brisbane’ as an afternoon storm and as fashionable as a day out at the Ekka races. It stood outside Indooroopilly’s usual marketing collateral, emphasising the unique nature of the markets by giving them their own recognisable identity.

We designed and rolled out everything from the promotional poster to the digital collateral, as well as using Brisbane ‘truths’ like describing the markets as ‘fiercer than a hungry Ibis at Southbank’ to speak directly to the local audience. We used striking modern design and clever messaging to convey the fact that it was about our town while visually integrating cool fashion imagery into our look and feel. The creative and messaging was displayed on all digital ads, posters, signage, pole wraps, vendor header boards, flags and wayfinding boxes – giving the event a distinct and cohesive look and feel. We also set up the ‘Style Zone’ in the middle of the markets which included furniture, food and beverages and entertainment to match the theme of the event. And in the end, it was an event we would’ve been excited about even if we hadn’t worked on it!

The Results

As a state-first event, the Best of Brisbane Style & Design Market delivered results stronger than Queensland’s State of Origin history. And like Origin, the great results were the result of a team effort from everyone at Indooroopilly, the PR agency, the media agency and us. There was a 2% increase in traffic over the four days (1.9k customers) to the centre which represents an extra 190k in sales – some of the existing stores in the centre saw as much as a 50% increase in their budgets. Indooroopilly Shopping Centre’s social media channels saw a reach of over 520k people, the website had over 41k views and digital displays across The Urban List, The Good Guide and Concrete Playground saw a reach of over 706k people. And with 29 pieces of coverage across radio, TV, print, social and online, the event reached the eyes of about 1.7 million people altogether.

So, for any event – wedding, bah/bat mitzvah, baby shower, conference, market, whatever it may be – you can call on us!