Ho, ho, ho, merry…. oh wait, not quite yet.

11th November 2016

Ho, ho, ho, merry…. oh wait, not quite yet.

Where does the time go? We can’t believe that 2016 is coming to a close and it’s almost time for Brisbane’s annual visit from the hot-and-humid-summer-fairy. And while things may be getting warm and moist outside, they’re perfectly sizzling inside here at NICK.

We’ve been crazy nutso busy here lately, and while we can’t reveal everything we’ve been working on, we can share a few tasty tidbits with you.

Firstly, we’d like to say a big ‘hiya’ to some new clients. It’s ‘hello again’ to the wonderful people at Signet who have started working with us once more, a huge ‘hi there’ to the talented peeps at Luxxbox who have invited us to do some brand work with them, and a massive ‘yoohoo’ to Churchill Education who we will be working with ongoing. Welcome to the NICK fold!

While we’re welcoming people, we also need to make mention of some new members of the NICK team. Our account service side of the office has gotten some bright new team members in the form of Alex and Natalie, while our creative side has been boosted with our new full time in-house editor buddy, Laurence. Naturally, they are all fantastic people who will bring loads of great experience and much personality to the office. Although where they all stand on our internal ‘who does the best local coffee’ war is still to be decided.

What else has been happening? Well, we’re pretty chuffed to have just launched new creative campaigns for the 2016 Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival and the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. You’ll be seeing our beautiful images everywhere so keep an eye out (P.S. you may even spot a few NICK staff members and friends as talent!).

But enough with the work stuff – what’s the goss???? Well, Nick has just come back from the Cook Islands with his partner Andrew (a Cook Island prince), where he was inducted into the royal family (no, we’re not joking). He even has a new traditional tattoo that tells the story of the family and his place as ‘family guide’ within the fold. Pretty cool, huh? As for the rest of us, we are just busy counting the sleeps until Santa comes.

But, enough about us for now! Stay safe and until our next update…

The team from NICK