Chopra or bono, you decide.

15th April 2020

Chopra or bono, you decide.

Do you agree with Chopra’s words that ‘all great changes are preceded by chaos’? Or perhaps the words of Bono, ‘it’s stasis that kills you off in the end, not ambition’. Either way, a ‘wait and see approach’ is not really an option right now. Nor is it our style.

Never has there been a more important time to communicate, connect and engage with your people and customers. And we can help you do it well. We’re all waking up and linking with each other. And as we do, we’re all seeing conversations and real connections enabling powerful and exciting new forms of knowledge exchange. It got us thinking…why not ‘disrobe’ a little more and get really personal. Why not escape the disheartening pull of COVID-19 and projected downturn and get back on the upward path?

There’s a bunch of real, important, straight-talking conversations to have. Human communities, getting together to talk about and generate options to human concerns. Whether it’s your people, your customers, or stakeholders. Let us help you design processes and tools for these important discussions. Let us partner you on facilitating the right discussions about the big unanswered questions. Or ask us how we can use our creative smarts to build you materials that ensure the next steps for the business or groups are clear.

We’re advocating our personal and professional opportunity to harness nimbleness, communication, ideation, problem-solving – or what we like to call, a ‘fresh sheet of paper’ approach so you can tack left or right, during these times.

We’d love to share our infectious (eeekkkkk) energy and work with you to:

  1. Shape a compelling internal comms plan to reignite your people’s passion for helping your business transition.
  2. Explore where your customers are now and where their interests and needs will be in the future.
  3. Take the time while you’ve got it, to face into barriers that exist in your business so you can be better and stronger in the future.
  4. Get to the heart of what you really offer as a value proposition – is it still right, is it now just platitudes and gobbledegook, how does it need to change?
  5. Challenge the relevance of your brand and strategy when this situation calms down and if not, let’s get on it right away?

We reckon any creative agency that can turn an opening paragraph using Deepak Chopra and Bono is worth a look.

– Kellie Penridge, Head of Client Service & Strategy