Why categorising people into Generations should be a thing of the past

25th January 2019

Why categorising people into Generations should be a thing of the past

As a society, we tend to divide people into groups based on gender, age and background. But if gender is a construct, age is just a number and different backgrounds bring different ways of thinking, then grouping people in this way actively ignores who they really are.

At Nick Did This we all have different ages, backgrounds, beliefs, interests and music tastes but the one thing we have in common is that we’re all curious and passionate (which is lucky because the different music tastes thing is a massive bone of contention). So, when Gina Pell first used the word Perennial in her article for ‘The What’ to describe people with a particular mindset that matched ours, we were hooked.

As Pell describes them, perennials are “ever-blooming, curious people of ALL ages who know what’s happening in the world, stay current with technology, and have friends of all ages. The term Perennials is not a fluffy euphemism for relevant people over 40. Millennials can be Perennials. Octogenarians can be Perennials. Even children can be Perennials. I’m talking about a mindset.” For the industry we work in, this is even more relevant. Everyone in advertising should aim to be a Perennial, someone who seeks out new information and strives to be a part of the world we’re living in. Because the advertising industry is all about speaking to and connecting with people in ways that are significant to them.

So, let’s never stop being curious and stay involved. Let’s be passionate, curious, creative confident and compassionate. And let’s always never be afraid to take a risk. Because we can’t advertise to this world unless we perennially live in it.