Gaze upon our glorious faces.

I am a lover of bugs and a collector of eclectic. I live for my dogs, my work and my friends. I never stop moving and I have the hearing of a bat. My head is all business but my heart is pure art. People tell me I am too generous, but to me there is nothing better than giving – so I do it in all aspects of my life. I give my blood, sweat, passion and tears every day for everyone I can. And I’ll never stop. I am Nick. And I am part of the Nick family.

I am an expert on business transformation and I once had an artwork in the National Gallery. Which probably explains why I love both simple and strange. There’s not much I dislike, except when people can’t merge lanes properly. Muppets. I am Kellie and I am part of the Nick family.

I am a book-devourer, fur-baby-mama and over-the-top Twin Peaks nerd. I once told my mother that I would win the Nobel prize and she could put the trophy on the TV for safe-keeping. So clearly I had imagination if nothing else. I don’t understand people who don’t like chocolate and my favourite song lyric is “two lovers missing the tranquility of solitude”. Magic. I am Sandy and I am part of the Nick family.

I have played in bands, danced on TV and in stage shows. I am a qualified fitness instructor, work with charities, sit on boards and have something on almost every night of the week. Yep, I lead a big, full creative life but I don’t work in the creative department, I’m a Flashdancing finance guru (Flashdance is my favourite movie). Take your passion, and make it happen.

I am Lynley and I am part of the Nick family.

I am the problem solver, the make-it-happen man and the miracle worker. I make ideas real and I manage to do it in record time. My favourite things in the world are Kramer and Beppe (my dogs) and annoying Lisa O’Donahoo. I have a heart of gold, a devilish sense of humour and a deep, deep, abiding love of polo shirts. And I make the best sausage rolls in the world. I am the man-who-can. I am Stuart. And I am part of the Nick family.

I am not afraid to say that “Love Actually” is my favourite movie. And it probably pretty much sums up what I care about – great relationships, great fun and great stories told really well. I love the fact that in my job no two days are ever the same. Of course, I am also a Mum, a wife, a president of the P&C and I was a great show jumper when I was eight. Which is probably why I’m still good at overcoming hurdles. I am Michelle and I am part of the Nick family.

I am passionate about the correct use of apostrophes… and the Ramones. I am a former radio copywriter and pub trivia quizmaster, and am possibly the only person in the world who has never seen a Star Wars movie. People say I am one of the nicest guys in the business, but you’ll have to ask those assholes about that. I am a proud Dad to two beautiful girls, one naughty dog and many ideas. I am Jeff and I am part of the Nick family.

I am not what I seem. I am a tango dancer and teacher, a video editor, horse lover and Tasmanian landowner. I love both “The Princess Bride” and “Conan and the Barbarian”, which probably pretty much sums me up. I am Laurence and I am part of the Nick family.

I am the king of dry comments but underneath I’m a big softie. I love music, my family and moments of pure creativity. I have the heart of a musician, the soul of a designer and the head of a worrier. I am full of contradictions. Or am I? I am part of the Nick family.

I am a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Sure, I look like the love child of a hipster and a lumberjack but I’m really more of a cross between a design perfectionist and popular culture nerd. My favourite things are my kids, my wife, my dogs and food… although not necessarily in that order. Like Kendrick Lamar, I believe you should be humble, although I do like boasting about the fact that I used to be a half decent tennis player. I am Marc and I am part of the Nick family.

I am an avid backyard beekeeper who dislikes nothing in this world, except maybe the fact that One Direction disbanded in 2015. The best present I’ve ever received is probably a salad spinner for my ninth birthday, which alongside the beehives, pretty much sums up my love for food and great produce. I’d like to say I’m a pretty good person, but I did once convince my little brother that he only had a week left to live after swallowing a piece of bubble gum – he even wrote a Will. I am Indy and I am part of the Nick family.

I am French but an honorary Aussie. I think I’ve always been artistic. I even drew a tombstone on a note to my parents when I was seven when they wouldn’t let me go to a party. I swear that sounds weirder than it was. I am Romain and I am part of the Nick family.

I am passionate about drawing and lettering, and I’m darn good at it too. As well as my love for drawing, playing Settlers of Catan (it’s a board game) is probably one of my greatest passions – it’s way cooler than it sounds I swear. The worst thing I’ve ever done is break a punnet of hummus on the floor of Coles. I still bought it, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get over the guilt of leaving the mess on the floor for someone to potentially slip over and die on. I am Sam and I am part of the Nick family.

I am addicted to shopping. But everyone has to have a flaw, right? I’ve had a few jobs in my time, but I think I like my current ‘twin jobs’ of Mum and account service person the best. I am Ashleigh and I am part of the Nick family.

I am a passionate armchair football fan (I mean soccer), Chinese lion dancer and sneaker fanatic who gets beaten on PlayStation by eight-year-olds way too often. Some people describe me as pretty carefree – I did once get my hotel room’s safe code tattooed on me as a dare. But when it comes to managing accounts I take all the care in the world. I am Tim and I am part of the Nick family.

I am German, but everyone knows that. What everyone might not know is that I once auditioned for “Germany’s next superstar”. Now there’s a story. Ask me about it sometime. I am Friederike and I am part of the Nick family.

I am a total petrolhead! There, I said it! I absolutely love motorsport. I’m also a major fan of Afterpay and Friends (the TV show) – “I’ll be there for you.” What I don’t love are social media influencers, diets and snakes and geckos. But enough of the creepiness. Want to hear something super cute? I won every single baby show my mum entered me in and I have 20-plus trophies to prove it! It went downhill from there when I carved a one metre Harry Potter lightning bolt into the staircase at home when I was eight. Whoops. I am Madeleine and I am part of the Nick family.

I am living in a whirlwind. Balancing work while trying to raise two young daughters not to be serial killers does tend to take it out of you. But I love the people I work with, so that helps make everything worthwhile. Come to think of it, there’s not much I hate. Except maybe red lights. And birds. How can you trust something that only ever looks at you with one eye? I am Alexa and I am a part of the Nick family.

I am a dog – as you may have guessed from my handsome picture. My jobs at Nick Did This include giving people face hugs (it’s a thing), chasing my ball and welcoming clients. I am definitely the cutest member of the Nick team and don’t have a bad bone in my body. Getting along with me is like a walk in the park, especially if you actually take me for a walk in the park. I am Betty and I am part of the Nick family.

I am the second Office Mascot to join the pack. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I am a cute little bugger and that’s exactly what I want you to think. While the sweet, gullible folks at Nick’s think we’re a bunch of cute accessories, we regular Nick dogs are merely using the agency as our base to take over the local Petbarn. In the meantime, we’ll just wag our tails and look cute for your amusement. I am Homer and I’m part of the Nick family.