We are Nick.

Welcome to the Nick Did This website. This is officially the ‘introduction paragraph’, it’s where conventional wisdom tells us we should tell you who we are and what we do.

Honestly? We can’t do it.

We have spent weeks trying to boil down who we are and what we do into one sentence and, frankly, it’s impossible. The simplest solution we’ve come up with is that we are a ‘challenge agency’ – as in you come to us with a communication or business challenge and we’ll take it on. It could be anything from creating a traditional brand advertising campaign, to hand-making and propping a store window display, to managing an entire internal culture shift, whatever the challenge we’ll find a solution and make it happen. So call us whatever you want – advertising agency, creative agency, strategic agency, visual merchandise agency, ‘challenge agency’ – just as long as you remember that when you need something done the right way, you need Nick Did This.


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I am Nick.

The actual Nick is the big boss, el padrone, the head honcho, el jefe, le grand fromage… the creative patriarch who brought us all together and literally made everything we do possible. He’s the serial collector who collected all of us who work for him (not in a creepy way or anything). And the work we get to do is pretty special, probably thanks to these amazing people we get to work with. Because at the end of the day (and this is going to sound a little bit culty) we are all Nick.

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Nick Did This.

  • Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

    When it comes to rebranding we’re pretty A-sharp

    The Queensland Symphony Orchestra has been an important part of the arts scene in Queensland for over 50 years, but had lost touch with younger audiences in recent times. So it was up to Nick Did This to show that classical music is more timeless than old-fashioned, and that there’s a lot more to the genre than just compositions written hundreds of years ago (though some are pretty cool). It was time for the orchestra and audiences to shake off any preconceived ideas and let themselves go. Luckily for them, at Nick Did This that’s exactly what we specialise in.

  • The Toowoomba Region.

    A journey of self-discovery

    The Toowoomba Region is a lot more than just its biggest city (Toowoomba), it’s a region which is as diverse as it is beautiful. With so many different people, places and histories coming together no one could agree on what the new Toowoomba Region brand should look like. What tied them all together besides geography? It was time to head up the range, swing by Super Rooster and find out.

  • Sunny Queen.

    To make an omelette you’ve gotta break some eggs

    Our idea was to make Sunny Queen Meal Solutions seem like the obvious choice for the businesses they were targeting. We did this by taking the common saying ‘Don’t end up with egg on your face’ and using it as a headline for the direct mail campaign. It had it all, an egg related pun, a chef being smashed in the face with an egg, humour and a funny feeling that it wasn’t something to miss out on.

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