About Us.

Welcome to the Nick Did This website. This is officially the ‘introduction paragraph’, it’s where conventional wisdom tells us we should tell you who we are and what we do.

Honestly? We can’t do it.

We have spent weeks trying to boil down who we are and what we do into one sentence and, frankly, it’s impossible. The simplest solution we’ve come up with is that we are a ‘challenge agency’ – as in you come to us with a communication or business challenge and we’ll take it on. It could be anything from creating a traditional brand advertising campaign, to hand-making and propping a store window display, to managing an entire internal culture shift, whatever the challenge we’ll find a solution and make it happen. So call us whatever you want – advertising agency, creative agency, strategic agency, visual merchandise agency, ‘challenge agency’ – just as long as you remember that when you need something done the right way, you need Nick Did This.


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The actual Nick is the big boss, el padrone, the head honcho, el jefe, le grand fromage… the creative patriarch who brought us all together and literally made everything we do possible. He’s the serial collector who collected all of us who work for him (not in a creepy way or anything). And the work we get to do is pretty special, probably thanks to these amazing people we get to work with. Because at the end of the day (and this is going to sound a little bit culty) we are all Nick.

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  • BHP – World Science Festival.

    You can always count on us

    At 2017’s World Science Festival, BHP’s goal for their ‘Street Science’ tent was to get kids excited about studying STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). They wanted to make maths fun, engaging and inspiring rather than something that isn’t exciting or too hard. To do this, we had to show that maths and science are more than just equations to solve – they are the formulas behind literally everything we see, do and experience. All we had to do was show ‘everything’ in the universe in one short video, no biggie.

  • Brisbane Comedy Festival – Brisbane Powerhouse.

    Lucky we’re as funny as we are good looking

    The 2018 Brisbane Comedy Festival needed a visual concept which was as funny and interesting as the festival itself. And what says comedy more than cartoon characters? The characters needed to embody the growing brand and personality of the Brisbane Comedy Festival and associate it with having a good time. When the Brisbane Powerhouse asked us to work on promoting the Brisbane Comedy Festival with them it seemed like the natural progression of our talents.

  • Gold Coast Turf Club.

    We won't reign in our creativity

    Our work for the Gold Coast Turf Club is ongoing and as varied and exciting as all the fascinators on race day. A good theme always gets the punters excited, and that’s where we come in – to theme their race days and help bring their ideas to life.  We just love horsing around with those guys at the Turf Club.

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