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We like to call ourselves a challenge agency – you come to us with a business or communications challenge and we’ll help you solve it. Above all, our agency is committed to creativity.

When seeking out the hashtag ‘creativity’ recently to accompany an article it got us thinking. What is creativity, really? We know our business is built on it. Yet with cause to pause we checked ourselves.

Thought leaders tell us it’s different from innovation and discovery which are often peddled. We love the views of Richard Foster who says, “creativity is about making something new, rather than merely applying or discovering something new”. A key to being creative, as Foster sees it, is the ability to find associations between different fields of knowledge, especially ones that appear radically different at first. That’s the value we bring (in partnership with you, of course).

So, creativity is really just a combination of pre-existing ideas. Just like Star Wars… a combination of spaghetti westerns, Flash Gordon serials, Akira Kurosawa samurai films, World War II fighter jet scenes and some Muppets.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?


We feel privileged to partner with diverse clients across financial services, property, tourism, arts and cultural organisations, insurance, superannuation, early learning, tertiary education, resources and mining, food services, government and local councils.

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The actual Nick is the big boss, el padrone, the head honcho, el jefe, le grand fromage… the creative patriarch who brought us all together and literally made everything we do possible. He’s the serial collector who collected all of us who work for him (not in a creepy way or anything). And the work we get to do is pretty special, probably thanks to these amazing people we get to work with. Because at the end of the day (and this is going to sound a little bit culty) we are all Nick.

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Big or small, we deliver the same high level of strategic and creative smarts. 
Why? Because we can.


We were chuffed when our clients say nice things.

  • Kate Burke

    “Tasked with delivering a complete brand overhaul, we searched for a creative agency who would really ‘get’ our brand and help us turn our ambitious goals into reality. From the outset, the Nick team just blew us away. They immediately understood what we were trying to achieve, and capably led us through a tightly managed creative process to get the right outcome. To say we’re thrilled with the result would be an understatement. Our rebrand has resonated strongly with internal and external audiences and is already getting strong results on a campaign level. As an added bonus, the team at Nick Did This is great fun to work with!”

  • Mandy O'Sullivan

    “Nick Did This is a refreshing change for a creative agency. Not only do they produce epic work you’re proud to share, but they’re always as excited as you are about the brief no matter how big or small. And if you need it fast, they’ll make it happen. A great team to work with, founded by passionate people – you’ll love working with them.”

  • Sascha Coglan

    “I have had the pleasure of working with the Nick Did This team for over 7 years. Whether it was for bringing ideas to life in a retail environment, community program or sponsorship strategy & activation, NDT approach every brief with passion, enthusiasm and innovation. Why have I chosen the Nick Did This team over and over? The reason is simple: they’re easy to work with and they hands-down come up with better and more creative solutions than their bigger counterparts. I would recommend them unreservedly, but frankly I want to keep them for myself!”